Lite headed

on 6/1/15 7:20 am - Wisconsin Dells , WI

I had surgery on Dec. 31,2014 down 62 lbs since surgery. my problem is lite headed,dizzy,get out of bed and stand up from chair tested my blood sugar right out of bed was 114 my blood preasure was 97/60 pluse was 97 anyone else have lite headed or dizzy.


on 6/1/15 7:34 am
RNY on 08/13/14

Yes, this has happened to me.  I found out that my iron was really low so I started taking an extra dose of iron.  At the same time I also made sure I was drinking at least a gallon of liquid of day.  It went away shortly after.

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on 6/1/15 11:28 am
RNY on 02/19/15

Also Orthostatic hypotension is common. I have it now and my dr. suggests continuing to drink a cup of broth/electrolyte drink per day. I have found that at least two cups per days helps me a lot.

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on 6/1/15 12:39 pm - OH

I have experienced this several times.  The first time really scared me and I was lucky there was something near to grab.  My doctor took one look at me and could tell I was dehydrated.  I was getting my 64 oz of fluid per day.  He had me bump up to 80+ oz per day and as long as I come close to that, the dizzy spells don't come back.  Hope you find you answer!

White Dove
on 6/1/15 6:36 pm

I never took iron after my RNY and my levels were always good.  Last summer I started having episodes of being dizzy.  Lab work showed that I was both dehydrated and low on iron.  I started iron supplements at seven years out from surgery and they have helped immensely.  Also I much more careful about drinking enough water when out in the hot weather.

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on 6/2/15 6:14 am
RNY on 02/02/15 with

What everyone else is saying.. Iron and dehydration.. I find that whenever I start to feel light headed I start focusing on how much I am drinking and try to get at least 70 ounces of water in and then the light headed and dizziness seem to go away.  I just need to keep reminding myself to drink.  I also find that dehydration slows down your weight loss and could possibly even make you gain weight because your body is retaining water.  This is all just from my experiences.



on 6/2/15 7:17 am - Wisconsin Dells , WI

Thank you for all the thoughts what could have cause the lite headed i drank 70oz water and took 1 more iron pill and today no dizziness.