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on 8/12/15 3:19 pm - MD
RNY on 07/30/13

So last Sept I had a big house fire. Have good insurance and went with a supposedly good company. House has been leveled and ready for building. Lots of stalling from the builder with plenty of promises. So got email last Thursday company is no longer doing building. It will continue with some of the fire clean up work it does. So got the termination agreement from the owner who had a 43000 advance on the project. Says he will refund about 10000 of it  claiming a bunch for taking down the house and architect's fees for the new house plans. Have spoken to insurance adjuster who says he us entitled to the money for taking down the house and the plans but I should get the plans. So now builder says sure I can have the plans once I sign this termination agreement giving him all this money except the 10000. Copied that to the adjuster to see what he says about that. Fortunately the bulk of insurance money is in escrow with mortgage company. And insurance company is holding recoverable depreciation which should cover the costs. But could see how someone could be driven to justifiable homicide!  Thought about going to the kitchen and chomping away the anger but won't. I'll be good and measure out my 3 oz. Chicken and half cup veggies. Maybe even pop in a Leslie sansone walk tape and do a few miles. Won't cry as I've done th a t already and time to move forward. Sorry for the long vent but know I can do it here with all your understanding and support.


Felicity Q.
on 8/12/15 3:55 pm
DS on 09/28/15

Oh my. You have the patience of a SAINT! I would be in jail for attempted homicide!

Great job not veering towards food to comfort you as you go through this stressful situation. My thoughts to you and your family on it all working out! 

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RNY on 07/30/13

Thanks. Just talked to someone else going thru same thing with the company but it got her for a hundred thousand! 


on 8/12/15 4:47 pm

Stomping sounds like a good kind of walk. Hope things go easier from here. I gotta learn to do those alternatives to food. You are a good model for me. Your challenge sounds like an ongoing pain in the ......

best to you. 



on 8/12/15 5:42 pm - NH

how awesome that you're not dealing with these emotions with food.  YAY YOU!!! what you're going through stinks, but you are taking care of fabulous!

on 8/12/15 6:02 pm
RNY on 07/27/15

How angering, frustrating, and scary!  *hugs*  Regarding avoiding chomping away at food to deal with it deserves so many high fives and congrats!     You are definitely strong and capable-  and I'm glad that you were able to talk to someone who's been through the ringer with this company.

I hope that walk helps get some of that negative energy out of your system-  

Rock on,


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It may be time to get a lawyer involved.  Yes, it will cost a couple of thousand but it may save you time and hassle.

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RNY on 08/04/15

First, the horror of having all your stuff lost in a fire.  Then problems with a builder, what a lot of stress. You are doing great.  How fantastic that you reached out to OH for help before you reacted to food.  I think you are very strong. I will pray for you today and think of your strength when I want to go off plan. Continue the good fight.

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I would be consulting a lawyer!!!  Your first visit should be free.  I would find out what rights I have and what rights this company has.  I would not take their word for it. I would be trying to get back as much as is your money!

on 8/13/15 7:00 am

Good gawd woman, how are you even able to function?  My heart goes out to you for what you have been through.  And I so admire your strength, I really do.  Your story makes ME want to eat a cookie for crying out loud. 

Contacting a lawyer, as others advised, may not be a bad idea.  And even though we can't change your situation, I am glad that you feel supported here.