1 week post op

on 9/2/15 3:27 pm
RNY on 08/26/15

i feel absolutely drained. Tried to go walk at Walmart today and barely made it 20 min. I was very light headed.   Will it get better once I'm cleared for puréed food?  I'm drinking 64 oz of fluids and getting 60 g of protein from shakes each day. 

on 9/2/15 4:53 pm
RNY on 07/01/14

I was very weak and lightheaded at 1 week out.  Felt better at 3 weeks, and then much better at 6 weeks.  Everyone is different, though.  Take it easy, you just had major surgery.  Get your walking in, but also rest and hydrate.  This is a marathon, not a sprint.  Good luck!



on 9/2/15 5:41 pm
RNY on 08/26/15

Thanks. I have my one week apt tomorrow. I think I will take it easy after that. I think today made me realize I won't be back to work after one week. I'm not superwoman like I think I am.

on 9/3/15 9:14 am

I only took 1 week off.  Big Mistake!  Fortunately, I can work from home so that is what I did for the next week and then went to the office for a half day in week 3.  Week 4 back full time.  I really wasn't prepared for how long it took to recover.  What your experience is normal.



on 9/2/15 4:58 pm

I found it somewhat hard to realize how major this surgery is because I had no pain and just the wee little incisions. It reAlly is a pretty big deal. Feeling up to going to Walmart one week out is great. 

on 9/2/15 6:23 pm

I remember a trip to Target about a week and half out and it wiped it me out, I had to go home and rest.  Each day I felt a little bit better and little bit better but I didn't feel anywhere close to normal until 4 weeks out.  

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on 9/2/15 6:27 pm
RNY on 05/04/15

I remember napping a lot for the first week. At about 3 days out, my mom dragged me to the mall (I think she just wanted to go shopping)...I survived but came home and slept for 5 hours.

on 9/2/15 6:36 pm

I am now just about five weeks out. I was out for MD appointment. With partner, etc for four hours and now I am exhausted. My shoulder starts to hurt and I feel like I just need to sit down. Then I sit for 30 minutes or so and I am ready to go again. I return to work next week. I hope my stamina improves. 

on 9/2/15 12:18 pm, edited 9/2/15 12:19 pm

I had my revision surgery a week and a  half ago.  No real pain anymore, just achey and tender.  I thought I would be out of work for 2 weeks but its looking more like 3 weeks.  Not because of the pain, but because I am exhausted over doing nothing.  I get winded just going up the 1 flight of stairs to my room.   I am more concern with the fact that I have no appetite and have to force feed myself to drink enough fluids to stay hydrated.  I drink about 3-4 oz of fluids and Im full.  I am keeping a diary and the most i drink a day 12-15oz a day. Is anyone else having trouble drinking enough fluids?  

on 9/2/15 8:21 pm - Canada

I had a really hard time with fluids of any kind...I had to keep them with me every waking moment and sip all day long just to get them in....not being hungry was the reason  for it....buts I needed the surgery to do that.   It will get better week by week and don't push yourself...it still was major surgery and your body needs time to heal.   Take it slow and steady.   All the very best!....kim