Friday Fun: Three Things I Learned This Year

on 12/18/15 7:06 am - Baltimore, MD

This has actually been an ok year, all things considered. I traveled a lot (let's see if I can remember where all I went...ok...I went to Haiti, to Dallas, San Antonio, Cleveland, and Seattle) and I finished my graduate degree! But here are a few quirky things I learned this year.

1 - Home waste drainage systems don't get enough respect

I learned that when mine decided to totally clog. I won't elaborate. But yeah...much more respect for my drainage system now.

2 - Cats. When you live in Baltimore City you need them!

Yes, folks. I am from the place where riots broke out this spring (although it was not nearly the way the news portrayed it, but still...). This year my cat decided to run off with a boy cat and my house has been left defensely to mice, who now think THEY live here and that I am the pest. Needless to say, I'm getting a new cat ASAP!

3 - Yes, I'm still a post-op

I'm 7 years out so I have a new normal now (which is why I have been lurking but not posting much the last year or two. I feel like I can't relate to some of the more day-to-day struggles of the early post-op but I hope by posting more often I can give a glimpse at what long term life after WLS looks like...or just be a nuisance...either way...)

But I did learn my body still has some post-op in it. I got into the habit of drinking what I call "double shot" protein shakes (two scoops of protein) throughout my morning. I did it because I liked the two flavors together but SHOULD have cut back to a half-scoop each. The result? Barely any appetite at all after three days of drinking them and I've lost about 11 lbs. in the last 8 weeks. So...there ya go.


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on 12/18/15 8:50 am
RNY on 12/29/14

I hear you on the mice.  We had a mouse infestation this fall, and it was a nightmare to get rid of them.


Also, thank you for returning to the boards.  I really enjoy reading your posts.

on 12/18/15 9:12 am - Baltimore, MD

Awww...thanks for saying that.

Ok, advice on the mouse thing? This weekend I am going on the hunt for any cracks, holes or crevices I've missed. I also heard they don't like mint oil or moth balls (one site said really strong dryer sheets do the trick). At this point I dont even want to put presents under the tree know...

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on 12/18/15 8:56 am - Brighton, IL

Love seeing you post again! Thanks!



on 12/19/15 7:26 am
RNY on 07/23/14

I had a mouse problem a few years ago. I went away for a week and they went crazy in my kitchen thought it was the local buffet. What a mess had to empty and clean my cabinets and tgrow so much out. Finally found the hole they wete coming in after plugging several. Good luck! And love your recipes...

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on 12/19/15 9:12 pm - MN
RNY on 11/26/12

"Home waste drainage system," "totally clog," and "respect for my drainage system" had me confused for a second because it sounded too much like WLS-constipation.  My DH watched our chickens fiercely attack a mouse putting a cat's ability to shame so you might want to consider a chicken instead of a cat.  Thank you for the "double shot" idea worth trying; I need to get through the Holidays with barely any appetite. Congratulations on your finished degree.

on 12/20/15 6:11 am - MN
RNY on 11/26/12

Wait...maybe you are talking constipation?  Still not sure!

on 12/20/15 7:13 am, edited 12/19/15 11:12 pm - Baltimore, MD

Nope I'm talking about the part of your actual plumbing system that takes poo from your house out. It backed up. Which meant when you flushed the waste water went to places you did not want it to go. I was trying to spare the details lol.

thankfully most ofthankfully most of us don't have the occasion to think of how poo gets from our toilet out of our house. Unfortunately I got an all too intimate knowledge of such this year!

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