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My company does random drug and alcohol testing. So today was my turn. Alcohol was negative as I don't drink. Don't do any illegal drugs either, never have ever. So shocked when tested positive for thc  marijuana! Had to go to get more testing done and off until results come back. So researched my meds online. I am taking omeprazonile ie prilosec for the ulcer. Turns out from what I can find on internet it can give false positive. Hope the further testing comes out with this. It's my job on the line and never used the stuff. More bad from having this darn ulcer. Anyone else run into this or have more info on omeprazonile (sure I most likely misspelled it) ?


on 12/16/15 9:00 am

Oh no! This is horrible! I'm on pantoprazole now (surgeon prescribed it post op) but took omeprazole for YEARS pre-op to help control my GERD. I, too, have random drug testing and over the years have probably been tested about 7 times, never once positive for anything! Not to say that's not what did it, though. I'm sure it doesn't happen every single time or pot smokers would just say they're taking prilosec to get out of it. Good luck on the further testing! 

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I would contact a drug addiction place in your area. They would most likely know if that can cause a false positive. Then you could have better documentation for your employer. 

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RNY on 06/03/15

my employer doesn't do drug testing (thank God!), but yes, I've heard of these kinds of cases.  I've heard you can test positive for opium after eating poppy seeds, too.  Yikes!  I would print off anything I found on the internet about that (i.e., omeprazonile making people test positive for marijuana) and give it to them - as well as a copy of my prescription.  That is just awful!!

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on 12/16/15 9:05 am

I would get HR and your doctor involved.

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on 12/16/15 9:08 am

I never heard of that one.. I take that 2 x a day. 

If you find scientific data on that - print that and take to the drug testing lab and your HR. 

Is anyone in your household or where you hang out been smoking it? second hand exposure are sometimes show as "usage" 

Good luck. 

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My boyfriend takes omeprazole and took a drug test yesterday.  He doesn't do MJ, even though it's legal here, so I hope he comes back negative 

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yes, i've heard of this. and actually, on the medication info insert for protonix, it specifically mentions false positives for THC. You can read it HERE on the first page under "drug interactions".


sorry, it sucks and i hope its cleared up with your employer without incident. i assume that you were initially tested with a screener and now your sample is being sent for GCMS analysis. the GCMS will confirm that its false. maybe your doc could put something in writing too if it would help, but it may not be necessary once your employer gets the confirmation results back. 


i work with drug crimes so i have more familiarity than i ever wanted with drug tests! sorry you're going through it but the false positive should be confirmed and you will be off the hook. the waiting sucks though!

on 12/16/15 10:59 am
RNY on 08/04/15

I did a little bit of googling, but i would ask for a more accurate type of testing, like blood or hair testing.  If i read right, the false positives are only for urine tests.

I hope you get it worked out.

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