ulcer healed but

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Had my repeat endoscopy yesterday. My ulcer is healed but still feel discomfort. Nurse at gastroenterologist office said that is normal as area was so irritated. Anyway on generic prilosec 80 mg. I go back to the gastroenterologist in two months. He is the nicest doc ever so I don't mind that. I don't like the prilosec though. Gained four pounds with no change in eating habits. Following all the rules and had been holding steady at goal weight for the last year. Read weight gain can be a side effect. Anyone else experience weight gain on it? I am trying to be super vigilant with everything going into my mouth. My surgeon's plan doesn't call for any snacks so I don't do them at all. B is usually an 80 calorie Greek yogurt or characters. L is nonfat cottage cheese or Turkey breast on a piece of 40 calorie whole wheat bread. D is usually baked chicken or fish, occasionally beef. L portion is 2 ounces. D is 3. Broccoli or green beans on the side if there is room. Once in awhile I will make a waffle with Bob's Mill lo carb baking mix, egg beater vanilla appends salt and baking powder. The mix has 120 calories and 11 grams of protein. With my lupus it is hard to get in much exercise but I do try to do Leslie Sansone walk at home as much as possible. Anyone have any other suggestions? Had been up six pounds and really freaked out on that. Now it's these four that need to leave. 


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RNY on 08/21/12

Prilosec and other PPIs can only make you gain weight if you actually eat more calories.

4 pounds could just be water weight gain. But if you're worried it could be fat, make sure you weigh your portions exactly, and track everything you eat.

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If fat by itself made us fat, we would all be super-thin thanks to the low-fat diets we all have tried over the years prior to surgery.  Don't be afraid of good fats.  But be afraid of calories and carbs.  They make you gain weight... and now that your tool's ability to absorb calories has re-appeared, you need to be extra vigilant.  If I had to guess, it's not the Prilosec as much as it's just the fact your so-called Honeymoon Period is over. 

To get rid of those 4 pounds, dump the bread and yogurt, which adds sugar and carbs you don't need.  Ditto the lo-carb pancakes, which have 13g of carbs per serving (despite what it says about fiber and net carbs, I have found that doesn't matter much to my body).  Switch to full-fat cottage cheese and other full-fat, non-frankenfoods (eggs, not egg beaters, too).  Low-starch veggies are OK, AFTER you fill up on protein and good fats.

Not sure what "characters" is for breakfast... a typo/autocorrect problem?

Just suggestions  here... your mileage may vary... but it works for me. FYI I took Prilosec for more than a year with no significant weight change, so while it is a known side-effect, it's not inevitable...




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How long did it take for your ulcer to heal?

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Once it was diagnosed it took about 6 weeks - had the repeat endoscopy then and doc said it was healed. With that being said that area was still tender for at least six months and even today it occasionally feels a bit irritated. Not sure if that's because he lowered the omezrapole (probably spelled it wrong) from 80 to 40 (once a day instead of twice a day). Almost got discharged from being his patient but now am on a new medication for another GI issue. It is similar to dumping but not really food related. He called it bile dumping which was causing diarrhea every day and if I didn't have immediate access to the toilet (like right then and there when it hit) it was not a pretty sight. He had tried having me take Align and when I went back he asked how that was working. So I calmly explained to him that the clothes I had on were brand new as I had to run out before my lunch at work to buy replacement clothes. Not a great way to get a new outfit. He then started me on a new medication and that seems to be working but I keep spare clothing now in my bottom drawer at work! Good luck with your ulcer and hopefully it heals quickly. (one side note - we have random drug testing at work. I had just started the omez and was picked. I tested positive for pot which I have never even tried. Had to go to a drug testing lab and couldn't wor****il that advanced testing came back okay. 2 1/2 days of pure agony waiting for the all clear. At least I got paid for it and didn't have to use any of my vacation or sick time.


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How bad was your ulcer? Have you had any since or was it a one time thing?

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