Solid/Dense Protein Ideas

on 3/4/16 11:10 am

My doctor just recommended I eat more dense proteins to fill me up more.  Is there a place where I can get some good recipes?  Does anyone have any suggestions for breakfasts with dense proteins?  Any help would be appreciated!  P.S. I'm 6 months out and can eat pretty much anything.  Eggs don't agree with me much, though!  


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Steak, fish, chicken, shrimp, etc.  I find that cottage cheese fills me up for a while, too.





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Meat. Any kind of meat. But not ribeye. I don't want more people buying it and driving the price up.

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I agree with AV.

Grill/bake up some chicken, should last you several meals.

The grocery store also has grilled chicken all ready to go in the lunch deli section in bags. Those are fun for a quick snack or meal

rotisserie chicken from the store would make great on its own, or chicken salad, chicken pot pie no bread

shrimp ****tails are great- i buy the rings in the store- tons of protein

turkey burgers- frozen - just grill them up

ahi tuna burgers- I bought a package in freezer section - they were yummy

Tuna from can or packet with 1 tbl of hummus instead of mayo


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Dense proteins in order how well they satiate me:  #1 Meats  #2 Eggs  #3 Dairy  #4 Beans  #5 Nuts

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