Goal, rebound and clothes

on 10/17/16 6:14 am
RNY on 03/30/15

So I am almost at my goal weight I am almost at the weight I want to end up at but I am going to take the advice of some of thevets and keep going until my 2 year mark. So I know I will go under my ultimate goal. 

For those of you who went under your goal knowingly did you continue to buy new clothes or did you just wait it out?  I don't want to to sell myself  short and tempt regain but I am losing with the intent of covering my bounceback

White Dove
on 10/17/16 6:48 am

I always bought clothes that fit properly at every stage.  Enjoy the fun of wearing small sizes, it will keep you motivated.

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on 10/17/16 7:07 am

I buy clothes that fit my body regardless to goal weight. If they are too big I will get rid of them and get something else.


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on 10/17/16 8:01 am
RNY on 07/23/14

Tops and dresses you can seem to get more use of even if they are a little big.... Pants I would rather have less pairs and ones that fit. Can't stand baggy pants.

Actually just did another purge of my closet...didn't think I had another one in me, but I never imaging getting to this size... even though I have 2 sizes of pants in my drawer- the fact that I am tall, I can't always fit the smaller size in length- I am careful about having something too baggy or comfortable- I don't want to have room to expand into them. While I love leggings, I don't wear them everyday for that reason.

Cynthia 5'11" RNY 7/23/2014

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on 10/17/16 9:10 am - TX
RNY on 10/06/15

For me I keep buying things that fit right because if my clothes are loose and ill fitting I get crazy obsessed with feeling yuck about how I look.  I now shop at resale shops so I am not investing lots of money into any single item but instead buying things for 5-10 dollars that if I can't wear forever is ok. Mostly I just need to feel like I am put together. Also... I feel like fitted clothing is something I avoided before WLS because it allowed me to ignore it if I gained 10 or 20 pounds...after all my clothes still fit, who cared right?  With this new journey and life path I want to stay aware of my weight and health so I want to know right away if/when my clothes start to get tight.


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on 10/17/16 11:31 am

I bought pretty clothes that fit. THE MOST form fitting I could find (think body-con styles and other fitted styles with a 50's style swing skirt).

I know which of my close have the "Youth Large" tags, which ones are XS, which are AS (i.e. adult small) and those with AM (i.e. adult medium..usually those are my figure skating clothes).

Having fitted clothes that look fabulous on me, give me motivation to NOT regain, or when I do go up a couple of pounds to get back to a stricter diet RIGHT away. I want to keep being able to wear my pretty pea**** dress right?  What about those Lucky brand jeans?

Somedays, I just want chocolate EVEN if it will make me sick. So one of the ways in which I fight is to go to my closet and looks at those adult small and youth -large tagged shirts.  I think about that and take myself back to when I was a size 32. Then I ask myself, "do I really want that damn piece of chocolate?"


RNY Surgery: 12/31/2013; 

Current weight (2/27/2015) 139lbs, ~14% body fat

Three pounds below Goal!!! Yay !  

on 10/17/16 12:37 pm
RNY on 11/21/14

I am buying clothes that fit me, and I am not viewing bounce back as inevitable.  I know me.  If I make up my mind that bounce back will happen, and I plan for it, you can bet that I will give myself permission to make it happen.  A self fulfilling prophecy, if you will.  Instead, I will not give myself permission to gain back any weight (I have a 3 pound range that I don't freak out over).  I have to devote the rest of my life to keeping that promise to myself.  I'm worth it.

 Height: 5'7".  HW: 299, Program starting weight: 290, SW: 238, CW 138 - 12 pounds under goal!  


on 10/17/16 1:27 pm - OK
RNY on 05/16/16

I love this, and to hear it put this way makes so much damned sense! Thank you. Giving myself permission to gain is probably not a good idea... I did that prior to surgery to be sure I fit into the numbers that BCBS wanted. Instead of gaining the 17lbs I needed to gain, I gained something like 28!

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on 10/17/16 3:40 pm - Brighton, IL

I too always kept only clothes that fit me. Most of the items I have purchased came from Goodwill but I do have some Silver jeans and some pricy items hubby bought me. Those fitting well are the things that motivate me to make good choices every ay and get up and doing my walk,even on days when I go alone. I do not see regain as inevitable and have no intention of being a size 28 ever again. That's why I weigh and track my food and step on the scale first thing every morning.



(deactivated member)
on 10/17/16 7:51 pm

I hate to say this. But wearing things that fit do make you feel better. Underwear is crucial also. 

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