Help! HAVE to quit smoking in a month! What did you do?

on 1/9/17 12:24 pm
VSG on 08/01/16

I actually decided to quit before I decided on surgery. I use the brand Green smoke rechargeable vapor cigarettes. They look and smoke like normal cigarettes and you just change the disposable cartridge, which is the butt. They also have the whole disposable cigarettes too. You can google Green Smoke E-vapor.  

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on 1/9/17 12:39 pm
RNY on 12/05/16

I faced the same thing.  I quit cold turkey and just kept telling myself they wouldn't do the surgery if I was still smoking.  My surgeon also me tested for nicotine because he knew I was previously a smoker.  Try and avoid triggers like alcohol, coffee and times of day when you would normally smoke.  Change your routine so you won't think about it as much.  My big one was in the morning.  I set my alarm super late so I would immediately have to get up and shower instead of ho-humming around the house like usual (and smoking).  After surgery you'll be so consumed with your body that you won't even think about it.


on 1/9/17 12:51 pm, edited 1/9/17 4:57 am
RNY on 08/21/12

Be careful of substitutes, gum, patches, etc. What they are testing you for is nicotine, not smoking itself. And a lot of things people use to quit smoking have nicotine in them, and will make you flunk the test.

I know this is hard. But besides WLS it's the best possible thing you can do for your health.

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on 1/9/17 1:37 pm
RNY on 12/21/16

I too quit cold turkey.  It wasn't easy but I did it for the same reason I wanted WLS...TO LIVE LONGER.  Yes it's much easier to continue smoking and eating all the junk but I'd give and I have given those things up for a longer and healthier life.  My surgery was 3 weeks ago and one thing I have noticed and mentioned to my husband is that I feel like my clothes stink like cigarettes, he assures me they do t but I smell it all the time and it grosses me out.  

I wish you the best of luck! 

Amy Liz
on 1/9/17 1:47 pm
RNY on 11/21/16

I smoked for 25 years and tried every aid you can imagine to quit, nothing worked for me. I finally did it cold turkey, 8 years ago. It was easier than prolonging the agony with other nicotine delivery systems. The thing that made it different was that I was ready -I was really prepared,  I did tons of research and made a plan and stuck to it. I knew if I smoke even one more it was over so I didn't. I always thought that smoking helped me cope with my anxiety and that would be the hardest part of quitting but I actually found that it created more anxiety and I was happier and calmer without it. I did the same thing when deciding to do WLS. I prepared, researched and planned the whole thing. I don't think I would be successful at either if I hadn't done the work.  

It's worth it, you're worth it.

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on 1/9/17 6:31 pm
RNY on 03/13/17

I quit in May with Chantix.  I smoked the first 2 weeks while taking it.  I started eating sunflower seeds in place of smoking, especially in the car.  That was the worst for me.  I stayed on a full dose of Chantix for a month after I quit and then cut the dose in half for another month.  I did not vape at all, I thought it would lead me back to smoking.  It was very hard and I had tried to quit several times before that with no success, but that was the first time I had tried to quit with Chantix.

I wish you the best of luck.  It took me until December to conquer the sunflower seeds while driving habit.  


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RNY on 08/15/16

I quit after smoking for 30 plus years, my Dr. prescribed me Chantix, best drug ever, I was a professional quitter, but never quit for very long, I took the drug for 12 days and have never had the urge to have another cig. since. That was over 2 years ago.  My husband quit at the same time and he went cold turkey and has never had one since.  Just got to get your mind right and you can do it!

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on 1/10/17 7:34 am
Revision on 04/18/16

I quit smoking in 2003, way before I was even considering WLS.  It was my third serious attempt at quitting.   What helped me the most was an online community called Quitnet.  I would not have been successful without it.  As another poster said, I would sometimes just hang out there until three or four in the morning (I worked night shift at the time), reading stories, posting my frustrations, sucking on a straw. 

It wasn't easy but it was the best decision I've ever made. 

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on 1/10/17 8:44 am
VSG on 10/31/16

I smoked for 25 years and quit about 11 years ago,  I was a chain smoker and tried everything.  Finally I made up my mind I had to quit so I holed up in my house for a week and didn't leave.  We lived in the boonies at the time so I didn't have easy access to cigarettes.  Orange juice and healthy eats were the only thing I had access to.  I couldn't be around anyone that smoked or I would have smoked. You are not a failure, you are human. Every day you feel better physically.  After I quit I never felt so relieved and free.  I didn't have to worry about my cigs anymore.  Every where I went was linked to my cigs.  You can do it.  Seriously, if I can do it you can do it.  You are worthy of great health!!!!!! 

CerealKiller Kat71
on 1/10/17 10:30 am
RNY on 12/31/13

I quit in January of 2005.  I wanted to have a baby.

I had smoked for years -- I was a three-pack a day smoker.

Like two other posters mentioned, I used -- I would be on there for hours to keep it up.


You can do it.

11+ years free from cigarettes --NOT one PUFF Ever.

"What you eat in private, you wear in public." --- Kat

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