What 1 line of advice would you give a newbie..and why

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For me its keep a spreadsheet of your blood work results (ask the lab to send you a copy of them ..they will)

Its good for trending and just having all that data. It helps me see a change and ask the doctor questions. I try not to use it to self diagnose but it helps me keep up with basics like Iron, vitamin D and B12, etc etc.

You can get ahead of any issues. I just highlight were there is a big change from the last results or over time and bring it with me to my next appointment. 9 times out of 10 the doctor isn't concerned and tells me why and even points to other numbers as to why he isn't concerned. Once or twice nothing really changed but they still wanted me to change something. This was usually around the Iron vs Iron Saturation vs UIBC and TIBC...as those numbers analyzed together can tell a different story then each on their own.

That's my advice.

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Take advantage of the honeymoon period!!! I cannot stress this enough. I see so many people who are 3 or 5 months out, already "grazing", "sneaking", drinking...they see that crackers have snuck their way in...some chips at the Mexican restaurant...they have a few glasses of wine occasionally...for me, I kept on the straight and narrow until I got to my goal weight, and now that I have crept up a few pounds, it is SIGNIFICANTLY harder to lose! Get to your goal weight, and get below it - the weight stops falling off effortlessly and the compliments end and your pouch is larger and more mature and **** gets real! And real hard! So yes, I will step off my bandwagon now, but my one piece of advice is don't cheat your body, don't cheat your future, don't eat around your surgery - commit and take advantage of those first incredible 12-18 months :)

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So much harder after the honeymoon period.

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Prior to surgery...

Make sure you understand that this isn't a 'miracle'... you MUST work this. and you MUST change your eating habits FOREVER... Your stomach was operated on, but not your brain. This ISN'T EASY forever. All of those friend's uncles, sister's, best friends that gained their weight back? Yeah, as irritating as those stories are, they are probably all true.

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Keep going. Literally. I set my goal weight at 175 and kept going and I'm almost 40 pounds below it now. Take advantage of that honeymoon period and lose as much as you can because it's doable then.


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The best advice.I have is to listen. Ask questions. If you need help reach out. For me I have a very hard time asking for help. A lot of us are the ones who do everything for everyone and not much for ourselves

Now I fix my plate first at dinner. This made it better. I would measure and make sure I was doing the right thing.

Before surgery is to start changing now. Stop drinking with meals. It was one thing that was hard for me to stop doing. I had to in the beginning was to remove anything to drink from the table. It just makes this easier. It may seem small. But it helped.

Another thing was to stop beating myself up for having to have the surgery. I know for me if I start having a pity party it will not end well. So learning to love and forgive yourself is important.

Give support even if you haven't had surgery yet. You can say that is awesome. Or say I am sorry you are feeling this way.

I know posting and reading can take up a lot of time. I mean we all love to see people's pictures after they are a year out. It is nice also to see them post through out the start of their journey. Sometimes things may suck and other times it may be amazing.

Reading peoples NSVs really can help. Sharing is important.

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Thank you for these posts as a newbie on the waiting list for surgery this is very helpful.

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I'm still a newbie, but I would tell someone that is pre-op to invest in some good wrinkle cream. Tell them that they're going to stall and to not freak out and let it get to you. Track everything that goes into your mouth. Constipation is nothing to be taken lightly!

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LOL - constipation is not something to take lightly but often is until it happens!

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Track, track, track, track. Write down everything you eat, before you eat it. Make a plan and then try very hard to stick to it. And when you deviate, write THAT down.