Apple Cider Vinegar

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RNY on 10/07/13

I haven't tried ACV because ew, but coffee really reduces my appetite. I use a bit of half and half in it and I don't know if it's the cream or the act of drinking something, but I usually forget about eating when I drink it.


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This for me too, plus there's the whole excess acid thing, that mimics hunger. So yeah there's a lot of head games & physical ones too.

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Well that's only marginally helpful since humans are sophisticated creatures who can and do eat for many reasons that have nothing to do with physical reasons! When I can identify physical hunger, I can eat a little bit of really healthy stuff and be good. When I eat in response to other stuff, it's really hard because I want specific things and my mind, unlike my body, doesn't let up!

So I think it's just hard all the way around.

The ACV for whatever reason (vinegar itself or the ha*****anges it has inspired) has helped me but I realize it's not a magic pill AND I could totally be having the placebo effect!

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Thanks for your informative posts! I am a newbie paying attention!

White Dove
on 4/23/17 8:29 am

I tried it too. After the initial enthusiasm of thinking I had a new magic appetite suppressor, I regained my hunger and appetite.

The Bragg family has managed to create a lavish lifestyle for themselves by selling this vinegar. I still use it for salad dressing or anything that needs vinegar and is going to be eaten.

I keep a jug of white vinegar for cleaning purposes and a bottle of Bragg's for food purposes.

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RNY on 04/06/15

I had similar results. No magic for me, either - but hat's off to anyone that finds it helps.

Like you, I keep a big jug of "cheap white vinegar" for cleaning purposes and a small bottle of high quality stuff in the cupboard, to cook with and dress veggies/foods with.


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on 4/23/17 12:49 pm
RNY on 08/05/19

Your doctor likely does not "believe in the benefits" because science does not back up ACV's miraculous claims.

  • The affects of ACV on diabetes can be achieved with ANY type of acetic acid (vinegar)-- white vinegar, red wine, etc. Nothing special about apple cider.
  • The biggest study on ACV and weight loss showed patients losing only 1/3lb per week. That's nothing to write home about.
  • Using ACV to whiten your teeth is completely counterintuitive because it's an acid, which is KNOWN to wreck your enamel.
  • Drinking plain, undiluted ACV is potentially dangerous because you could accidentally inhale it and burn your lungs.
  • Studies showing ACV's benefit to heart health, cholesterol, and blood pressure have only been carried out on rats-- NOT humans. There's no proof it's actually helpful in people.

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I like this Grim! Maybe the ACV thing is all in my head but I like the stuff. Actually I love all vinegars! I just bought some sherry vinegar. Yum!

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Sparklekitty, Science-Loving Derby Hag
on 4/23/17 2:53 pm
RNY on 08/05/19

Nothing wrong with liking the taste of the stuff! I love a good balsamic, myself, especially on roasted veggies.

But if you're expecting the stuff to prevent heart attacks and clear your arteries, that's an entirely different story. :)

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VSG 2013, lost 150lb - RNY conversion 2019 due to GERD