Help with that fullness feeling

on 5/2/17 10:39 am

Hi everyone,
I had my surgery almost 2 months ago 3/06/17 , and i've lost only about 30lbs. i say "only" because compared to most of you who lose that in a month, i feel like it's not much , but hey, we're all different right?
i lost 17lbs in my first 2 weeks and 15lbs the other 6 weeks. i've already had 2 stalls that lasted about a week each.
My biggest concern is that at 2 months out, I can no longer feel restriction from my pouch. This started actually 2 weeks ago.
I told my dietician but she said i was still eating the right portions so not to worry about it.
But it still scares me because this is happening so early out. Somethimes I get a "feeling of fullness", but no restriction or
"tightness" from my pouch like i did early on with very little portions. She said with the pouch healing i would be able to eat more compared to say... 2 days post op , but that's something i recognized and got past. This is something different. I hope i'm making sense when i describe this but wondering if anyone went through this early on.

Even though i'm not losing pounds, I am losing inches as my clothes are fitting better. I might even be out of the size i started in soon.
Also I feel so much better and heathier like i've been given the last 3 years back. I am going to the gym three times a week and have just added strength training to my 40 minute cardio
workouts. But i'm really worried about the lack of tightness in my pouch.

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RNY on 06/03/15

don't compare yourself to others. People lose at all different rates for all different reasons. When I was two months out, I'd lost 27 lbs - less than you - and I've lost over 230 lbs altogether. Your level of commitment has a MUCH greater impact on your success than your rate of weight loss.

also, don't rely on your stomach to tell you when to stop eating. You'll feel restriction sometimes, but not others. You're far better off weighing and measuring everything and only eating as much as you're supposed to eat.

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on 5/2/17 11:36 am
RNY on 08/23/16

Congrats on your surgery and weight loss!

I'm only 8+ months out, so certainly not a veteran!

Like others will likely tell you - Please don't compare your weight loss to that of other people!! I consider myself a slow, but steady loser (88 lbs since surgery, 125 total from the beginning of my WLS journey). Many personal factors can influence weight loss. Just stay on plan.

Speaking of staying on plan, that is what you need to do - especially in the very early months. I don't remember exacts, but I know I was only allowed to eat 1/4 or 1/3 cup of food shortly after surgery. Stick to measuring. I read that it takes around 6 months for your stomach to completely heal, so sensations of being "full" might not be accurate. I still rarely eat to "full". I weigh my food and eat within my comfort range (although, if I'm having a "small pouch" day, I eat less).

Best wishes!

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for starters "most" people do not lose 30lbs a month. Not that I've seen anyway (just check out the tickers on the menu thread...not one 30lb a month there. in the first two months the most common pattern is same as you) you seem to be right on track. Stalls are a normal part of weigh loss. Never stalling is not.

feeling of fullness is normal. tightness usually means you are overeating so just don't, frankly fullness isn't something to strive for either. stick to your portions and you'll be fine. if you are avoiding sliders and focusing on dense proteins first you're doing fine.

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Patty R.
on 5/2/17 12:32 pm - Harrisville, RI
RNY on 09/08/16

The initial restriction was post-op swelling. The vets told me feeling would return between month 4 and 5 and that proved true. Eat slowly and pay close attention to you body's signals--sometimes a sigh, a runny nose or a sneeze will be your "had enough" sign. The insides have changed, our brains need to figure out how to read those new signs. Measure out your portions religiously and log them somewhere. I use My Fitness Pal. as you advance in food texture and tolerate dense protein, the signs will become more recognizable.

Weight loss comes in spurts for me, but like you said "I am losing inches". Sometimes our body needs to catch up to what the scales says.

A wise one here said "this journey is a marathon, not a sprint". I repeat those words to myself almost daily!!

From what you've written, you are doing great!!

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on 5/2/17 12:48 pm
RNY on 08/21/12

Don't chase the full feeling. Don't even think about it. Bani**** Only one thing matters. How much you are eating. Right now, volume is most important as you are healing. Soon, typ of food, density, and calories will be most important.

We used to chase feeling with food. We all got morbidly obese from that. Disconnect food from feelings, and you'll be happier in the end.

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VSG on 09/28/16

I'm only 7 months out. I have times where I lose quite a bit then it slows down drastically or I go into a stall for a while. As others have said people lose at different rates.

It's very rare that I feel full and it is also very rare that I feel hunger(I only feel hunger only when I don't eat on time). I eat what's on my plan at planned times.

I wish you the best of luck!

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on 5/2/17 4:48 pm
RNY on 03/20/17

What exactly are you eating? Has your divorce from ice cream been finalized?

In what form are you getting protein?

on 5/2/17 10:14 pm

Yes! My divorce from ice cream has been finalized. I'm not even on speaking terms with relatives cake and cookies either

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on 5/2/17 5:49 pm

That early out, you are still on soft foods right? When I could eat dense protein, boy, that's when I could really feel the restriction. Now that fullness is uncomfortable to me and I try to stop eating before I get there. It's not like with a normal stomach where you were pleasantly full. It's more of a "yuck, I'm too full." Lol

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