been a while

on 5/11/17 2:26 pm - Fountain Hills, AZ

I know its been a while since i posted anything here but at least i know where to go for online support. I did my rou-n-y surgery back in 2002. Up and until February 2016 i lost about 133 pounds during the first two years post op. From 2004ish until February 2016 i gradually put the weight back on (thats the bad news and shame on me for letting it get that way). The good news is I think I am finally back on track and losing the weight again. The reason why February 2016 is important is because I had congestive heart failure due to fluid accumulating around my heart. I think mentally i was to concerned with getting my fluids in and not dehydrating.

ok now for the good news, Primary care dr has me on a diuretic to help with the water weight. From February 2016 til about November 2016 i lost about 65 - 70 pounds. The weight loss has been slow since prior to the holidays but was partly due to me having my right foot casted up and not being able to walk or exercise properly. however i do anticipate having the cast taken off tomorrow and getting my foot through some physical therapy then on to a gym from there.


on 5/11/17 2:47 pm
RNY on 03/20/17

Sounds like you got some life left in you yet. Keep up the good fight!