Stricture 6yr out?

Angie H.
on 7/20/17 12:00 pm - TN

How common is it to have a stricture years out? I had my surgery in Sept 2011 and had a stricture a few weeks later. Now I think I have another... Anyone have experience with this?

on 7/20/17 2:10 pm

I was sleeved in 2009, then revised to RNY in 2016. Six or seven weeks after the revision I developed a stricture. It was dilated and I did well for a year when another stricture happened. I was dilated again and now, three months later, I feel it starting to happen again. Bleh...

If you feel the begennings of another stricture, by all means see your doctor. As you know, they are easily remedied, just a pain in the keister.

Good luck to you and I hope all is resolved soon.

Original surgery: VSG Feb. 2009


Height: 5'7"

Start weight: 252. Current weight: 120

Angie H.
on 7/21/17 6:21 am - TN

yes!! Exactly! I have a call in to the clinic. Really a pain since I live in a rural area and my doc is almost 3hr away.... But at least it is a very easy fix!

Thanks for your input!

Hope you get fixed up soon also!!