on 9/7/17 1:08 pm

Ok 14 years post op below goal BUT I got lax again. After 10-12 years I thought, naw I don't need vitamins. WRONG !!! Horrible symptoms, take your vitamins!!! NEXT ...an excedrin every day for years for energy can't hurt!! Well I just got home from Mayo and one thing regarding RNY was a peptic ulcer!! Please learn from my mistakes. I am sooo good about what I eat but sure messed up with meds. Learn from this vet please! It really is for life

on 9/7/17 1:37 pm
RNY on 03/29/17

Thanks for sharing!

I'm a newb but in August I pulled or tore a muscle in my butt (piriformis?)and it hurt to do any kind of basic exercise. Going up steps killed, swimming hurt, running hurt... I was sooooo tempted to take an advil to help me sleep at night!

I'm going to print this off and tape it to the inside of my medicine cabinet :)

5'4" 49yrs at surgery date

SW - 206 CW - 128
M1 - 20lb M2 - 9 lb M3 - 7 lb M4 - 7 lb M5 - 7 lb M6 - 6 lb M7 - 4 lb M8 - 1 lb M9 - 2 lb M10 - 4 lb M11 - 0lb M12 - 3lb M13 - 0 lb M14 - 2 lb M15 - 0 lb M16 - 3 lb

on 9/7/17 4:56 pm
RNY on 03/14/17

oh no thanks for warning!

on 9/7/17 8:04 pm - CA
RNY on 10/07/13

Aye--Excedrin is a double whammy because it's aspirin with caffeine. About a year and a half after my RNY, I got a bit of a transfer addiction with coffee. 2 in the morning, 1 at lunch, 1 or 2 in the evening. I was getting these pains that would last for hours and I just couldn't figure out what was causing it until I finally went to Urgent Care. They gave me a "gastric ****tail"--lidocaine and Pepto--that did nothing but numb my mouth and throats because the pain was coming from my closed-off remnant stomach.

I went to my PCP after a CT scan showed everything normal and she posited gastritis, put me on a six week course of omezaprole and said to lay off the caffeine. That did the trick and now I limit myself to 2 caffeine drinks a day. I suspect I've always been sensitive to caffeine.

Ulcers are no joke. I have a HS friend that had his RNY because of my success. He just got out of the hospital because of a serious bleeding ulcer. He actually needed some units of blood. I know he still drinks Diet Coke and that may have contributed to his issue. He's on the mend, but I hope this was a wake up call for him.

Im glad things turned out well for you and thanks for passing on your experience.


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