Body odor

on 9/9/17 2:00 pm

I am almost 3 weeks out and have noticed since surgery that I have terrible under arm odor despite using deodorant. I have never had smelly pits. Is this some quirky WLS thing?

on 9/9/17 3:14 pm - TX
VSG on 08/29/12

You make me laugh! I have same problems with body odor. If memory serves when I had my sleeve I went through this. It's the fat burning and releasing hormones. I hope it ends soon! Well the odor that is.

on 9/9/17 3:50 pm
RNY on 09/05/17

I'm only 5 days out and I noticed my pits were smelly, and shoes are funky.

Maybe my nose is more sensitive.

on 9/9/17 5:55 pm - Philadelphia, PA
RNY on 04/28/15

I couldn't stand the smell of me post op, and not just my arms. It's the hormone dump, ketosis etc. went away by the second week for me.

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on 9/10/17 12:06 am

Well thank the Lord! I'm not going to stink forever! Thank you very much:)

on 9/10/17 5:35 pm

A friend who has gotten rny told me she has this too. Her doctor said it could be her vitamins. It could also be your hormones changing or your body detoxing.

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on 9/12/17 2:23 pm
RNY on 08/14/17

I'm 4 weeks out and I have noticed the same thing. I never had that issue before surgery either. Lets hope it goes away soon!

CerealKiller Kat71
on 9/13/17 7:10 am
RNY on 12/31/13

It's part of ketosis and weight loss.

It usually subsides or goes completely away after a while.

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