When can i drink coffee again?

on 9/29/17 8:29 am

I'll ask at my recheck next week but was anxious to know! I just want maybe 1 small cup of half decaf in the am.


on 9/29/17 8:42 am - OK
RNY on 05/16/16

You can probably glean some information from the post two below yours...

It's very individual to each Bariatric Center though.

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on 9/29/17 8:43 am
RNY on 07/23/14

Every practice is different. My Surgeon never had us restrict coffee or even have to have decaf. The only thing they said is you couldn't count more than 2 cups towards your 64oz. Obviously they wanted you to have more than just coffee. I got coffee day 1 on my tray in hospital.

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on 9/29/17 8:54 am
RNY on 03/20/17

I don't think I would have made my 64 oz min liquids without decaf.

on 9/29/17 1:31 pm
RNY on 08/07/17

My nut said I could have all the coffee I wanted in the world.. as long as it was decaf. Mostly due the reason that caffeine can dehydrate your body. And if I drank normal coffee I could only count half of what I drank as liquid. But with decaf, I can count it all. She even told me that I could use normal creamer just don't go crazy with it. Sadly I also have to use normal because the SF ones were giving me such horrendous gas that would not go away even with walking and gas-x I just decided to go with one that was only slightly higher in calories and carbs.

But.. to be honest, I mostly drink coffee because it helps me have bowel movements (TMI i know but no real polite way to say this)

on 9/30/17 10:05 am

I completely agree with the BM comment. Without coffee I am just not sure I would go. Maybe I rely on it too much. I guess I will be finding out after surgery :)

on 9/29/17 5:41 pm
RNY on 12/22/08 with

I was not allowed caffeine for the first 6 months. I remember my first caffeine. I went to a tea shop and drank a pot of Asam black tea. I have never been so amped in my life.

on 9/29/17 9:54 pm - Central Coast, CA
RNY on 06/26/17

I was told "never"!!

Alcohol and coffee are big no-no's for my doctor.


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on 9/30/17 5:37 am
RNY on 10/02/17

My surgery is Monday and regular coffee is listed on all my sample meal plans post-op! I don't think I could quit coffee.