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on 12/22/17 2:01 pm

Had some blood work done today and results unusual. Doc gone for the day. My thyroid test can back good. Waiting on Vit D.

My AST was 72 and ALT was 128. Both are liver tests. I saw surgeon today and said I was having blood work and would forward him the results as it was another doc who ordered them. It is my one year surgery anniversary today. I feel fantastic and happy.

I don't want to worry, but WTH is wrong with my liver?

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on 12/22/17 3:03 pm, edited 12/22/17 7:03 am - Castle Rock, CO

Same as everyone else who loses a lot of weight rapidly. It's why alcohol is not recommended during weight loss. If you search this site, there'll be tons of posts on it, I'm sure. Lots of PCPs go ordering extensive tests because they don't understand our population, but it's nothing to worry about at a year out.

It will all go back to normal once you stop losing and go into maintenance.

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on 12/22/17 5:00 pm - WI

Yep...what Kim said. Your liver is working overtime processing out the excess fat. Liver enzymes elevate during ANY rapid weight loss. It will get better as you get closer to your goal weight. In the mean time, don't do anything to over-stress your liver. Alcohol is a big no-no and taking too much Tylenol is too.

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on 12/22/17 5:25 pm
RNY on 07/23/14

My liver enzymes elevated too.... they are coming down. Surgery itself can cause inflammation too...

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on 12/22/17 5:48 pm

I've lost all my weight. Today is my one year anniversary. I want to stay where I am. Appetite hasn't returned. Is there a certain food I should be eating? Among the usual vitamins I take I have added 10k microgr of biotin.

I read some older posts herevon this subject and one person said after they stopped biotin their enzymes returned to normal.

According to my medical visit I've lost 102# and my BMI is 19 and change.

I really don't want to go through a ton of tests.

RNY 12/22/2016. HW 228. SW 224. CW 122

Dr. Aviv Ben-Meir. Lake West Medical Center, Willoughby OH

on 12/22/17 6:22 pm
RNY on 06/03/15

mine are still elevated 2.5 years out, but they weren't horrible. My PCP wasn't concerned.

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on 12/22/17 6:52 pm, edited 12/22/17 10:53 am

You're taking Biotin? Not sure if you're aware but it can impact lab results per an FDA warning published in Nov 2017. /fda-warns-biotin-can-distort-lab-tests

on 12/22/17 7:55 pm

I guess I'll stop the biotin.

RNY 12/22/2016. HW 228. SW 224. CW 122

Dr. Aviv Ben-Meir. Lake West Medical Center, Willoughby OH