Complications almost 2 years out

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on 12/31/17 8:03 pm
RNY on 02/15/16

I am new to this forum. I will preface this with saying that I have an appointment with my surgeon for an endoscopy and then a follow-up, but it's not until the end of the month. I am wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar to what I am experiencing. And if so, what treatments did you have?

As stated in my title, I had roux en y almost 2 years ago. I actually had it for medical reasons (severe gastroparesis and a THIRD paraesophageal hernia. This hernia was intermittently twisting causing awful symptoms. The first two were repaired with nissen fundoplications). Well, here I am again with a new hiatal hernia and severe acid reflux. This was diagnosed three weeks ago with an upper GI series.

My heartburn is more severe than ever and wakes me up at night. It is unresponsive to prilosec and tums. I am now sleeping in a recliner, but it is still bad. The other issue is I get these episodes of severe upper abdominal pain that radiates into my chest and back. These episodes last for about 10 minutes and than just go away. feels very similar to esophageal spasms, but it is in my abdomen.

Anyway, I will have answers in a few weeks from my surgeon, but am so curious to know if anyone else has experienced any of this. These are new symptoms. I had an upper GI series last Feb and all looked good. So, there are definitely new changes going on. I am afraid I may need another surgery.

Besides sleeping upright and taking meds, I am also not eating for a few hours before bed ad really watching what I eat and how much I eat.

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on 1/1/18 9:49 am

What helps my heartburn and acid is a teaspoon of baking soda in lukewarm water. It works better than the medicines.

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on 1/2/18 11:54 am
RNY on 02/15/16

I've never tried the baking soda! I will have to give that I shot. Thanks :)

on 1/1/18 12:17 pm

You could have a fungal infection ( candida) which causes symptoms as described. The scope will confirm if this is the problem. Very easily remedied with a liquid anti-biotic.

Smart to watch your eats until this is diagnosed






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on 1/2/18 11:55 am
RNY on 02/15/16

Yes, I'm definitely watching what I eat. My endoscopy isn't until the 25th. Hopefully there will be answers.

on 1/1/18 5:49 pm
RNY on 07/23/14

Have they considered Abdominal Hernia? You do get pain and GI symptoms from them, I did anyway.

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on 1/2/18 11:57 am
RNY on 02/15/16

Well, they did see a hiatal hernia on my upper gi series a few weeks ago. This is my fourth hernia :(

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