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on 2/6/18 4:30 pm
RNY on 01/07/17

Hi friends!

i posted a month ago stating I was off track completely. I was binging on junk food and carbonated drinks and I have never felt so guilty, I feel like the surgery was a waste and I've reverted back to those old scary habits. Although the holidays were no excuse, I just feel like this surgery maybe I wasn't prepared for. I have never wanted anything so bad, but why can't I succeed?

i started at 356 lbs, heaviest last year and I'm sitting here at about 265 (no change within a month) currently I have started up again my diet. Vitamins, calcium, biotin vitamins. Here's what I ate today

breakfast, 1 light medium cheddar pack and a cup of skim milk

lunch, garden salad with chicken with half a pack of Caesar dressing

supper, half of a 12 grain bagel with light cream cheese, my daily total so far calorie wise being 708. I had my surgery June of last year (RY) and I feel like I've failed completely and I will never suceed. Even when I eat healthy I stare at the scale. I've been stuck in the 260's for what feels like forever. I also purchased an exercise bike so I've been using it. Is it too late? I'm just in a slump I feel like and be some motivation. Anyone experience this? Have I ruined the surgery?

on 2/6/18 4:47 pm
RNY on 03/29/17

It's unlikely you've ruined the surgery.

I'd start following the menu thread - it posts every day. Try to go for between 70-100 g of protein every day.

If you want to get back to basics, reduce your carbs down to below 50g - even "healthy" carbs like a 12 grain bagel are going to slow or even stop your weight loss.

Exercise will help but it can also increase your appetite or worse give you the impression you can eat MORE because you added a little activity into your day!

Make sure you track EVERY calorie you take in, even the random tastes and nibbles. Especially beverages like soda, milk etc...

Remember the fundamentals!

  1. Protein first at every meal
  2. Stop drinking any liquids 30 minutes before a meal and don't drink another drop until 30 minutes after you've finished eating - otherwise you'll wash food out of your pouch and feel hungry too soon!
  3. No sugary foods
  4. No heavily processed foods (except possibly RTD protein shakes and powders)
  5. Track every calorie
  6. Move - this doesn't mean run a 5K every week, but moving around, getting your baseline steps in every day will help your body work better, and help you FEEL better.

5'4" 49yrs at surgery date

SW - 206 CW - 128
M1 - 20lb M2 - 9 lb M3 - 7 lb M4 - 7 lb M5 - 7 lb M6 - 6 lb M7 - 4 lb M8 - 1 lb M9 - 2 lb M10 - 4 lb M11 - 0lb M12 - 3lb M13 - 0 lb M14 - 2 lb M15 - 0 lb M16 - 3 lb

Liz WantsHealthForAll
on 2/6/18 6:12 pm - Cape Cod, MA
VSG on 03/28/16

I echo the recommendations from HonestOmnivore. Remember that protein will always fill you up more than anything else. I could probably eat an endless number of bagels, but when the hungry horror**** I try to stop them with protein (meat, cottage cheese, etc.).

Liz 5'3" HW: 219 SW: 185 GW: 125 LW: 113 Desired maintenance range: 120-123 CW: 120 (after losing 20 lb. regain)!

Citizen Kim
on 2/6/18 6:26 pm, edited 2/7/18 12:18 am - Castle Rock, CO

I'm 13.5 years out and trying to lose a bit of pesky regain ...

This is what I ate today:

Breakfast: 2 poached eggs, 1/2 cup steamed mushrooms

Lunch: rotisserie chicken

Dinner: rotisserie chicken, loaded cauliflower casserole

Snack: Dannon Greek yoghurt, coffee with heavy cream

1061 calories, 41g carbs, 70g fat, 109g protein

In 5 weeks I've lost 14lbs. At only 8 months out, and being waaay younger than me, you certainly should be able to do this!

Clearly by calories you don't seem to be eating too much, but you're not spending your calories the best way. Up the protein and drop the carbs (bagel)

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on 2/6/18 7:27 pm - Canada
RNY on 06/02/17

ditto to what everyone else said, less carbs (bagel) and way more protein.

You can do this - go back to the manual you received from your WL centre and get back to the basics.

Surgery Jun.2/17 at TWH ----- HW 215 - SW 197.2 - GW 125 CW 124.6

Pre-Op=8.8lbs --- Optifast= 8.4 (was on it for 9 days due to cancellation)

M1 - 20.6... M2 -10.2... M3 -8.0... M4 -5.8... M5 -9.0... M6 -5.2... M7 -7.0... M8 -2.2... M9 -0.9... M10 -2.6... M11-0.6... M12-2.0

Liz WantsHealthForAll
on 2/7/18 4:03 am - Cape Cod, MA
VSG on 03/28/16

You've got the basics down at 13 months, so just do some swapouts (with protein), and you've got this!

Liz 5'3" HW: 219 SW: 185 GW: 125 LW: 113 Desired maintenance range: 120-123 CW: 120 (after losing 20 lb. regain)!

(deactivated member)
on 2/7/18 4:45 am

9 (nearing 10 years out) and protein is the answer. I fell into the nasty web myself after my 7th year out. you have to go back to no bread or very little. If I want bread I choose a bagel thin or sandwich thin much better at 100 calories. I am taking off my last regain of 15 lbs from a 40 lb regain it has been tough. protein, low sugar and exercise is what I have to do to stay motivated. For me that is 30 minutes on my elptical every day. Like 5 sets of 10 sit-ups on my decline bench. Simple hand weights with 5 and 10 lb weights. Couple exercises on floor like scissor side kicks and the other kick back type for your but. This all is done in an hour. It does not make me eat more but gives me wonderful release of endorphins and motivation to eat well. Zoo happy after. It was how I stayed at goal for a long time. When I fell off the wagon with my Exercise that was when I fell back to the carbs and sugar. Right now in control it I do not take for granted. Your surgery is sacred your second chance... also one note... I recently ordered the tubs of powder inspired by a recent post here on protein powders... I had not had a tub of PP since my first couple years.... the ones I drank back then not so good. if I drank a protein the last recent years it was a ready made muscle milk or Atkins drink. The new powdered I bought are delicious and higher protein and while my calories have gone from about 950 to 1100 due to having one of these in morning and night and calorie count higher then ready made I was drinking, I am very satisfied and not hungry and switching it up with higher protein seem to be losing more. Go back to no carbs and up your protein... white nuckle it for a couple days. BTW protein drink I bought are: optimum nutrition double rich chocolate, bought at vitamin shoppe, ordered online Syntrac chocolate mint cookie and syntrax peanut butter cookie. (Thanks to Gwen who had posted the first two on line). 1 sc op rich choc with 1/2 scoop either the mint or 1/2 peanut butter with 3/4 cup milk. Sometimes in blender with ice which gives me two huge glasses! Reach out anytime you can do this! Hug!

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on 2/7/18 4:47 am

Sooo not zoo ... lol! Damn iPhone spell check!!!

on 2/9/18 4:52 pm
RNY on 01/07/17

So yesterday and today I've completely cut out breads. Yesterday consisted of the following

breakfast - 2oz turkey breast, 10 grams protein shake

lunch-turkey again 2oz and a piece of cheddar

dinner- oikos plain yogurt with blueberries, old cheddar cheese and 2 babybels (apparently I like cheese now lol)

snacks - cup of cabbage soup (homemade)

calories - 546 protein 62 and carbs 21


breakfast - half a banana with wowbutter (soy peanut butter) and a babybel

lunch was blackberries with an oikos and a babybel

snack was a cup of cabbage soup, and yet again another babybel LOL(they are gone now) and a cup of skim milk

dinner was 3oz of chicken in the cabbage soup

calories 604, carbs 46 and protein 56 (May snack on more chicken after for a bit extra!)

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