What's on our Menu Today (Thursday) RNYers?

on 2/8/18 2:06 am - North West GTA, Ontario, Canada
RNY on 11/15/13

Hey WLS Peeps? How are you all? My back is a bit better, thanks everyone for your well wishes! We had quite the snow storm yesterday and I had to cancel my PCP appt. Driving home was just horrible.

Accountability: Well I added in a banana in the evening, and a couple of "Quality Street" caramels, so yummy yet so wrong! LOL

QOTD: So we have lots of newbies on our menu thread and I am sure there are lots of newbies that read but never post so I want you to tell us all a tip/trick/or nugget of info that helped you out a lot when you were first post op. Please try and remember back that far! One thing that I remember reading on here was how to get all your liquids in. I struggled with this a lot when I was fresh post op. I hated water, it hurt to go down. And I struggled to find a protein shake I liked. I felt so lost. Then I read from a Vet on here that all liquids count towards your daily total. And for some reason I was only counting if it was a protein shake or water. But once I figured out I could drink decaf coffee, tea, flavoured water (such as Crystal Light), dilute diet cranberry juice, popsicles, broth, clear soup, and I found some protein shakes that you mix with water not milk and they were so much better! So what is your tip for the newbies?

Time since surgery: 4 yrs + 2 months

Menu is copied & pasted from MFP:

Breakfast - 7:00am Calories kcal Protein g Carbs g Fat g Sugar g Fiber g
Premier Protein - Vanilla Protein Shake (used as creamer) 320 60 8 6 2 4
320 60 8 6 2 4
Lunch - 11:00am
Clover Leaf - Solid White Tuna In Water (Albacore), 0.5 can drained (60 g) 70 16 0 1 0 0
Generic - Kraft Balsamic Vinaigrette, 2 tablespoon 90 0 4 8 2 0
160 16 4 9 2 0
Snack # 2 - 3:00pm
Trader Joe's - Turkey Kielbasa, 2 oz 80 11 1 4 0 0
Kraft - Mustard, 1 tsp 0 0 0 0 0 0
80 11 1 4 0 0
Dinner - 7:00pm
Ragu - Pasta Sauce, Original Mushroom, 0.5 cup (125 mL) 70 2 11 2 7 2
Janet and Greta - Chicken Meatball, 4 meatballs 113 11 1 5 1 0
183 13 12 7 8 2
Snack #3 - 10:00pm
Pc Skyr Yogurt - Vanilla, 100 g 80 10 9 0 6 0
(Faye) Smuckers (Cda) - No Sugar Added, Raspberry Jam, 0.5 TBSP (15 ml) 10 0 3 0 2 1
Kellog's All Bran Buds - All Bran Buds, 0.25 Cup (28g) 53 2 17 1 5 8
143 12 29 1 13 9
Totals 886 112 54 27 25 15
Your Daily Goal 975 122 49 33 72 25
Remaining 89 10 -5 6 47 10
Calories kcal Protein g Carbs g Fat g Sugar g Fiber

TOTALS: 886 calories, 112 protein, 54 carbs

V: Patches are on + extra oral Dry D3 & B12

E: 6km hike in the snow with the dogs and then yoga with hubby in the evening

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Daisy 5'5" HW: 280 SW: 254 CW: 125

RNY Nov 15, 2013 - Toronto Western Hospital - Dr David Urbach

Gallbladder removal & hernia repair - Nov 2, 2017 - Dr David Urbach

on 2/8/18 2:39 am, edited 2/7/18 7:56 pm - MA

Hi Everyone! SO glad you are feeling better. We have crappy weather here, too. Lot of icy roads after a storm yesterday but even though most schools have a 2 hour delay, I need to leave on time to get to an all day off-site training.

Accountability: I was stressed enough to have eaten an elephant yesterday, but thankfully I didn't have time, haha. I actually switched out lunch and dinner to lower calorie options so I ended the day under 900 calories.

QOTD: My best trick was to set about a zillion alarms on my phone to remind me to eat, drink, take vitamins, etc.

I'm going to an all day training today with food provided. They said deli sandwiches, so I am planning to eat deli meat and no bread. I'm bringing a few high protein snacks, as an option, too.

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  • High Weight before LapBand: 200
  • High Weight before RNY: 160
  • CW: 121
  • below goal in 9 months

on 2/8/18 3:52 am
RNY on 02/28/17

Good morning menu folks! The precipitation is gone, but it is colder and very windy. I really bundled up and now I am snuggling with my coffee to warm my fingers.

QOTD: I know that getting my liquids was hard at first, but it was SO important. I wasn't able to drink plain water for many months after surgery. I found several things that helped. I added Crystal Light or Mio drops that helped. I was able to drink unsweetened ice tea. Hot herbal tea was the best in lots of flavors. The warm temperature really helped me to be able to drink more. I also ate lots of SF popsicles. They helped with the fluids and the desire to chew.

Another issue was that when I came off of my liquid diet, my surgeon wanted me to eat soft foods, but most of those were carb heavy, not protein filled. I pureed chicken, turkey, salmon and tilapia in the blender with a little bit of broth. It was good dense protein and filled me up. I would make a batch and freeze a tablespoonful in ice cube trays, then heat them in the microwave.


Breakfast: scrambled eggs, ham, 1/2 cup plain oatmeal

Snack: Cappuccino protein shake, almonds

Lunch: fish, salad

Snack: string cheese, melon

Dinner: hamburger, broccoli slaw, blueberries

Exercise: I'd like to get to the pool this evening for a swim, several short walks

HW: 248, SW (2/17): 244, GW (10/17): 125, CW: 117-122

RNY w/ Joseph Afram: 2/28/2017; Plastics w/ Douglas Forman: Extended mastopexy, Extended abdominoplasty-5/18/2018

on 2/8/18 5:36 am
RNY on 11/29/17

I got addicted to those SF popsicles. My local Kroger did away with the popsicle brand ones and are only selling theirs and I do not like those AT ALL. And everyone else in town is sold out of them right now. LOL My family thinks I need a 12-step meeting for my popsicle addiction.

Highest Weight: 315, Day Of Surgery: 291.5 CW 169

on 2/8/18 6:18 am
RNY on 02/28/17

I like the Nestle fruit juice ones too. I haven't eaten as many this winter, but they certainly have been a life saver for me. I have abdominal surgery again next week and I just bought 2 boxes since that may be a good staple for me again.

HW: 248, SW (2/17): 244, GW (10/17): 125, CW: 117-122

RNY w/ Joseph Afram: 2/28/2017; Plastics w/ Douglas Forman: Extended mastopexy, Extended abdominoplasty-5/18/2018

Patty R.
on 2/8/18 8:24 am - Burrillville, RI
RNY on 09/08/16

Good luck next week...

on 2/8/18 4:05 am
RNY on 02/19/16

Good Morning Daisy and Menu Family,

Sorry I didn't post yesterday. I was extremely dizzy all day long, plus I had kind of a busy day and just didn't get on here to post, sorry. I am still dizzy so I think I will go to the doctor today. I've also had double vision for 2 weeks, so something is off. I hope they can figure out what it is at the doctor. I heard from my bariatric doctor, though and all my 2-year labs were good!

QOTD: Don't waste your "honeymoon" phase. I didn't realize that the rapid weight loss from this surgery only last about a year and then maintenance is hard. Listen to the vets when they tell you to eat right from the start! My tip is to eat a lot of Dannon Light & Fit Greek yogurt. It comes in many delicious flavors and has 12 g of protein and goes down easily. My favorite flavor is caramel apple pie.

Accountability: Yesterday: Protein - 62, Calories - 1,120, Carbs - 111.

B: prosciutto & mozzarella sticks, light & fit Greek yogurt

L: ham & cheese sandwich

D: sloppy joe meat

S: prosciutto & mozzarella sticks, light & fit Greek yogurt, banana, 2 Atkin's peanut butter cups

E: Still deep snow out, so maybe walking at the mall or Walmart. Depends on how dizzy I am.

Have a GREAT day everyone!

~ Karen

Liz WantsHealthForAll
on 2/8/18 4:18 am - Cape Cod, MA
VSG on 03/28/16

Karen, I sure hope it isn't anything serious. Definitely get to your doctor pronto!

Liz 5'3" HW: 219 (BMI 38.8) SW: 185 GW: 125 CW: 115-118 (BMI 20.4-20.9) - TT and facelift 1/11/2017 - Brow and eyelid PS 12/11/2017.

WL: Pre-op: -34 M1: -17 M2: -12 M3: -11 M4: -7 M5: -7 M6: -5.5 M7: -3.3 M8: -3.3 M9: -2.5 UNDER GOAL since 10/12/2016 - in current range since 12/10/2016. Average maintenance calories 1350

on 2/8/18 4:23 am
RNY on 02/19/16

Thank you, Liz!

on 2/8/18 4:27 am
RNY on 02/28/17

Karen, please take care of yourself. I hope that it is easily fixed.

HW: 248, SW (2/17): 244, GW (10/17): 125, CW: 117-122

RNY w/ Joseph Afram: 2/28/2017; Plastics w/ Douglas Forman: Extended mastopexy, Extended abdominoplasty-5/18/2018