Surgery 2/12/18

Julia S.
on 2/8/18 7:47 am
RNY on 02/12/18

After a year of jumping through hoops with my insurance company I'm finally having surgery on Monday. Liquid diet until then, until reading this forum I was really concerned about what I could eat afterward, but no more. My biggest worry now is pain meds after surgery as I can't tolerate anything with codeine in it. I'm hoping my Dr will figure out something.

I know it will be awhile but any recommendations on Greek yogurt? Low sugar, no seeds?

Thank you for this forum, and sharing your stories.

on 2/8/18 8:06 am
RNY on 02/15/18

I like Greek Light and Fit. Dannon, I believe? Carbs are low, protein is high

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on 2/8/18 10:39 am

Good luck with surgery on Monday!

FAGE Total Plain Greek Yogurt. It has no artificial sweeteners or added sugar, which is very important to me. It has 20g of protein!!!! I buy either full fat or 2% depending on what is in stock I eat it as is or with fruit & nuts.

on 2/8/18 3:19 pm
RNY on 06/20/16

Congrats on your upcoming surgery! ?

I too, have trouble with most pain medications. In the hospital they gave me morphine immediately after surgery. I honestly had no pain whatsoever after that initial dose wore off. I hope this will be the case for you. The least amount of pain meds you can take, the better. ( due to constipation...I had that issue after another surgery a few months later... NOT fun at all! Lol)

Blessings to you and congratulations on your upcoming new lease on life! It's going to be life changing for you!!!

on 2/9/18 11:22 am
RNY on 03/29/17 with

Congratulations and good luck!

Make sure you tell your surgeon exactly what happens to you when you have taken Codeine in the past. In my case I have extreme nausea and I get hives. They medicated me for both which allowed them to use the codeine based pain meds with toradol which is an injectible NSAID. I was able to go without the codeine meds pretty quickly (thank god).

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