Feeling down

on 2/19/18 3:59 pm
RNY on 01/07/17

I keep feeling like I'm failing. I was down 10 pounds and now I'm back where I started. It seems like I can't get out of the "you'll never succeed mindset" and "you've already ruined the surgery so the results aren't going to be optimal". I've always struggled with binge eating, and I know it's bad. Certain life events has always caused me to turn to food. I've lost 100 pounds already and still have about the same to go I feel to be at a normal weight. It's just scary to me that I think this way, because I know if I stick to it, it will happen. I am 6 months out currently from surgery and just having a tough time with it. Any advice would help, I still have been binge eating but am back on the right direction. I guess I want it overnight, but nothing with this surgery is a magic trick, it's only a tool.

on 2/19/18 6:03 pm - Canada
RNY on 06/02/17

sounds like you need to reach out to your surgical program and see if they offer any counselling to address your binge eating. The surgery doesn't fix the brain unfortunately.

Good luck to you!

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on 2/19/18 6:53 pm, edited 2/19/18 10:54 am

You can regain control and eat sensibly . ((())) I totally get the binge eating thing - after surgery I felt like I couldn?t stop overeating - I really doubted anything had been modified on my insides.

in fact , what hadnt ( couldn?t) be modified was my head hunger... feelings of entitlement regarding overeating... my food obsession ( constant cooking and watching the food channel)

Despite all this eight years post op I still eat healthy ( great tasting) freshly cooked food ( wouldn?t accept anything otherwise) . But I?ve maintained an 80 lb weight loss without struggle. The food obsession gradually lifted.

on 2/21/18 10:34 am

you CAN do this. You just need some help. Please think about meeting with a therapist. I couldn't do this without one. Best wishes. Be good and kind to yourself and remember, overeating is not either one of those.

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