Wish this part was over - 5 days post surgery

on 3/3/18 8:07 pm
RNY on 02/27/18

Hi, I had RNY surgery 5 days ago on 02/27/2018. Wish I felt better than I do. Just feeling weak and lethargic, kind of like the flu. But I am not sick. I just need to give myself the time to properly recover. Any encouraging words would help .

on 3/3/18 8:30 pm
RNY on 02/26/18

Getting enough water in made a HUGE difference for me this week, and getting some protein. Even getting 40 grams in made a world of difference. Didn't feel sooo tired and yucky. Good luck on the healing, you're only one day behind me so I get it!

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on 3/3/18 8:34 pm
RNY on 02/27/18

Thank you Stitch. Trying my best to get both the water and protein in. My nurse told me water is the most important in the first week. It is hard!

on 3/4/18 3:57 am
RNY on 12/22/08 with

Good nurse advice.

Plain water is still hard for me to handle. I add things to water. Decaf green tea,lemon,mint,excessive ice,and so many more over the years. Also those little squeeze bottles of water flavorings.

You are normal for someone who just had major surgery!

Oh sugar free popsicles helped too.

on 3/5/18 7:28 am
RNY on 11/29/17

Powerade zero and Vitamin water zero are the easiest liquids for me to drink..still 3 months post op. I can very rarely drink plain water. And if I do it has be be Dasani.

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Laura in Texas
on 3/4/18 5:55 am

Hang in there!! The first two weeks were the worst, but it does get better. Be aware that some of us take longer to get our energy back. It took me until about the 6 months mark to feel energeti****il then, I got as much rest as possible.

You will get through this!!

Laura in Texas

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on 3/4/18 6:26 am - Lindsay, Canada
RNY on 02/26/18

I know how you feel just try to give you body what it needs fluid wise and hopefully you'll start feeling better all i did was sleep at first now I'm trying not to sleep in the day so I can sleep better at night

It gets better one day at a time

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on 3/4/18 6:33 am
RNY on 02/15/18

I'm a little over 2 weeks out, and I feel worlds better already than I did at 5 days :) I still find that I need a nap sometime but otherwise I have been functioning at normal level--out driving and running errands and such. I still really have to focus on getting fluids in, but it's much easier than it was. Hang in there, this part will be over in no time!

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on 3/4/18 6:55 am
RNY on 02/28/17

I know it is frustrating, but you are right on schedule. Your body needs lots of energy to heal so you need to rest and be gentle with yourself. Other than that, work on getting as many fluids as you possibly can. I had real trouble drinking plain water, but I was able to drink hot herbal tea and eat SF popsicles. They could as fluids so try those.

Also are you moving? Walking will really help you to recover. You won't be able to go fast or far, but move around often for a short time. It will help with the gas and to keep things circulating.

Hang in there and keep working on the basics! You will recover with time and rest.

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Amy R.
on 3/4/18 7:36 am

I'm sorry you are so miserable. You've gotten such good advice that I know it will help.

The one thing I would emphasize is getting in your fluids. The protein and such is important but this early out from surgery the MOST important thing is to keep hydrated. You don't want to go back to the hospital for fluids. And dehydration is just a completely wretched feeling - it affects everything.

What also helped me was doing the things I least wanted to do. There were so many times I didn't feel like walking. But determine to walk a bit many times during the day. Just around your house at first obviously. It's amazing how just that small bit of "exercise" can elevate your mood.

Honestly if you concentrate on those two things I'm betting you'll feel a lot better within a few days. You can do this. Post here as much as you want/need to. Distract yourself by reading or binge-watching or whatever. Every day you get through is one day closer to being healed and all of the great things that come along with that.

Take care. Rest. Sip and walk. Take your pain meds if you need them. What you're going through is completely normal and you will come out the other side sooner than you think. =)