What's on your Sunday menu RNYers?

Insert Fitness
on 3/4/18 3:07 am


The dog wanted out hella early this morning, even by my standards, so I've been awake since just after 4am.

I really, really wish I was one of those people who could fall back asleep, or sleep in on the weekend...

but anywhooo!

Saturday was good, got my brows done, I did find a tankini top I like and keeps me put together, so that's a win! Today is getting ready for the week, and might go out for coffee with a friend or my sisters. See who is around.

qotd: I see a lot of people posting about anxiety and struggling with the early days post op. And Others, like me who are further out, and need reminding of how far we've come and why its all worth it.


Are you happy you had surgery? What's different in your life? What's the same? Would you do it again, knowing what you know now? How has surgery affected your quality of life?

Accountability: weeellllll Halo Top was just launched in Canada, so that happened....


B: coffee and premier

L/D: tbd on meal prep and what I end up doing with the day, but protein forward.

take care,

RNY Sept 8, 2016

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on 3/4/18 4:49 am
VSG on 08/11/14

Good morning,

Im up early for church, having my coffee and water before breakfast.

Qotd I'm happy I had surgery. The only thing is how strong my craving for sweets are now, I was more of a chip person before surgery. How important therapy is for our brain and I need to find some one new for help with my binge eating. My mobility is so much better now. I would do it again but would continue my therapy.

B ham and cheese omelette and string cheese

L tuna, cottage cheese and honeycrisp apple

D bbq pulled pork and vegetable

on 3/4/18 7:33 am
RNY on 06/03/15

re: sweets - same thing happened to me! I crave sweets now, too - I almost never did pre-surgery!

RNY 06/03/15 by Michael Garren (Madison, WI)

Plastic Surgery 08/10/18 by Lawrence Zachary (Chicago, IL)

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Insert Fitness
on 3/5/18 11:28 am

Same re sweets! and not just dessert stuff. like actual candy! never been my thing either. I guess maybe that's why i don't get it when people complain about the sweetness of protein shakes...

RNY Sept 8, 2016

M1:23, M2 :18, M3 :11, M4 :19, M5: 13, M6: 12, M7: 17, M8: 11, M9: 11.5, M10: 13, M11: 10, M12: 10 M13 : 7.6, M14: 6.9, M15: 6.7


Liz WantsHealthForAll
on 3/4/18 5:13 am - Cape Cod, MA
VSG on 03/28/16

Good morning! I was up and out with our foster dog early. He did all the early morning dog things and was happy as a clam except he can't figure out why we can't go for a longer walk and he can't visit with the other dogs. Right now he is napping next to me on the couch.

Today is laundry and house cleaning day after church. Fun, fun (maybe Justice will get a kick out of it).

QOTD: Good question. I am SO happy I had WLS and wish I had done it sooner. I am in the best health I've been in for at least 15 years. I wish, like Yvonne, that I didn't have cravings and some of them have changed but in some ways they are easier to manage. I used to crave cakes, donuts and other related items like crazy. I sort of do, but don't feel great if I have too much. I tend to crave things like hummus and coffee more now. I used to eat some fish, but only once in a great while and it was never my primary choice at a restaurant but now I LOVE fish and eat many more varieties. I love when my little stomach says it is full partly through a meal (when out, as I measure when in). I love always having leftovers!

1 year, 11 months post-op

B: eggs, cottage cheese and Canadian bacon

L: sliced turkey and cheese

D: Leftover pulled pork

S: maybe prosciutto mozzarella stick, maybe Yogurt

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on 3/4/18 5:14 am
RNY on 02/19/16

Good Morning Erin and Menu Family!

I know what you mean about early rising dogs! My two start trying to wake me up at 3 am and keep at it until I get up around 5 am. Then once I'm up they both go back to sleep!

QOTD: I'm 2 years out and I am SO very happy I had WLS! My health is SO much better and I look and feel great! My liver doctor told me I would be in total liver failure within 5-10 years if I didn't lose weight and now I'm happy to say my liver enzymes are back to normal! My blood pressure is better and I'm no longer diabetic! I have so much more energy and I just feel better all around!

Accountability: Yesterday: Protein - 83, Calories - 1,240, Carbs - 165.

B: prosciutto & mozzarella sticks, light & fit Greek yogurt

L: hamburger

D: ham & cheese sandwich

S: prosciutto & mozzarella sticks, light & fit Greek yogurt, banana, 2 Atkin's peanut butter cups

E: Walking Blossom around the subdivision

Have an awesome day everyone!

~ Karen

on 3/4/18 9:46 am
RNY on 02/28/17

How was riding yesterday? Did you get to ride Sugar?

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RNY w/ Joseph Afram: 2/28/2017; Plastics w/ Douglas Forman: Extended mastopexy, Extended abdominoplasty-5/18/2018

on 3/4/18 9:56 am
RNY on 02/19/16

Hi Janet, Riding was GREAT! I got to ride Sugar and we walked and trotted! I even got to do some acrobatics on the back of a different horse like lying down on the horse's back while he was walking along and swinging my legs over so I was riding on him backwards. That was fun, too. I got to groom Sugar and feed all the horses some treats. It was a gorgeous day out and I had so much fun! Thanks for asking!

on 3/4/18 5:53 am, edited 3/3/18 9:54 pm
RNY on 02/15/18

Good morning! Im laying around in bed at my moms house. Im thinking about heading down the street for some coffee at the gas station since Im not allowed caffeine yet, and theres no decaf in the house.

qotd: Im only a little over 2 weeks out and down 30 lbs since the start of my pre-op liquid diet. Its early, but Im already glad I did it!

Breakfast: scrambled egg with cheese (I dont usually finish the whole egg)

morning snack:caramel Premier protein

lunch: 1/4 C chicken taco meat/bean mixture leftover from Friday night

afternoon snack (?): same

dinner: same again! Good thing Im ok with eating the same thing a lot lol. Want to get it eaten before tomorrow for CAMAW

HW: 340 SW: 329 Goal: 150

CW: 245

Surgeon: Dr. Kalyana Nandipati (Omaha, NE)

on 3/4/18 7:23 am
RNY on 02/28/17

Good morning weekenders! The sun is shining and the wind has lessened and I am going to go out for a long walk. Well not as long as pre-surgery, but I hope to do at least 2 miles in our hilly neighborhood. Yippee! Can't wait until I can get back to swimming in a few weeks. I really miss it!

Yesterday, a friend came over and helped to do some household tasks that involve more lifting and bending than I can do yet. We also went outside and picked up some of the limbs that came down in the wind. It will take a while to get it all cleaned up but I am very grateful that we didn't have any damage to the roof or major limbs come down. Some of our neighbors weren't so lucky. A few blocks away a tree came down and crushed a car and many of our neighbors are missing shingles. We didn't get any snow and only a little rain, but lots of howling wind.

Today, another friend is going to take me to lunch and out to Trader Joe's. I have driven short distances a few times, but I don't feel ready to drive very far yet and I can't lift the groceries yet.


Breakfast: hard boiled egg, turkey bacon, plain oatmeal

Snack: blueberries, protein shake

Lunch: going out to eat so not sure. Maybe a crab cake

Snack: cheese, apple

Dinner: roast beef, cauliflower

Snack: Quest bar

Exercise: 2+ mile walk

HW: 248, SW (2/17): 244, GW (10/17): 125, CW: 117-122

RNY w/ Joseph Afram: 2/28/2017; Plastics w/ Douglas Forman: Extended mastopexy, Extended abdominoplasty-5/18/2018