What's on your menu today (Monday) RNYers?

on 3/5/18 2:06 am - North West GTA, Ontario, Canada
RNY on 11/15/13

Happy Monday Protein Pals, here we go again, another work week to get through. How was your weekends? Mine was okay. We didn't end up going out with our friends on Saturday night I had a brutal migraine. I have been getting way too many migraines lately and I am not impressed. I blame it on the weather changes but is extremely frustrating to have to cancel plans over a damn migraine. I know all of you out there who suffer from migraines know exactly what I mean.

Accountability: I had a half a slice of toast with breakfast on Saturday and on Sunday I had half of hubby's Aero chocolate bar. I am so glad AMAW/CAMAW is starting today!

QOTD: Share a description of a material object you already own that is very special to you. My MIL has this amazing Christmas table cloth that whenever a new person/guest comes over for Christmas dinner they have to "sign" the table cloth and date it and then she goes over the signature in embroidery. She does not entertain anymore so she passed on the table cloth to me. Here is pic of my signature from 2002, she started the table cloth in 1991. My signature says "Daisy, then a daisy flower, Dec 7th 2002

Time since surgery: 4 yrs + 3 mos

I am doing CAMAW this week:

B: decaf/decaf/decaf with vanilla PP used a creamer then can of tuna with balsamic dressing

L: 4.5 oz of grilled chicken breast with bbq sauce

S: 4 slices of bacon and 2 baby bel cheese

D: 4 oz of grilled pork chops with bbq sauce

S: Skyr yogurt

TOTALS: 1064 calories, 146 protein, 18 carbs

V: patches are on + oral D3 and B12

E: gym with hubby, will run 5km and doing legs tonight

Have a great Monday everyone!

Daisy 5'5" HW: 280 SW: 254 CW: 125

RNY Nov 15, 2013 - Toronto Western Hospital - Dr David Urbach

Gallbladder removal & hernia repair - Nov 2, 2017 - Dr David Urbach

on 3/5/18 3:04 am - MA

Morning all. I am going to try my first straight AMAW today!!! No cheese, no eggs, and no mocha protein in my coffee! I am cranky just thinking about it. I even allowed myself a few food funerals yesterday, which is not something I usually do. My accountability sucked--let's just leave it at that.

The weather around here is just crazy. It tuned out that our area was one of the hardest hit, even though we are pretty far inland, so it was a surprise. But the winds were of a Cat 2 Hurricane. There are massive (and I mean MASSIVE) trees down all over the place, including at the end of our street! Power is down for more than half the city and school is canceled in over 50 communities while clean up continues. And for the cherry on top--it snowed overnight. Ugh!

QOTD: I had a massive flood 10 years ago and it took 90% of my personal possessions. And 3 years ago (next week) my parents lost literally everything in a house fire. I honestly don't even think I have anything super special anymore.

  • 4'11"
  • High Weight before LapBand: 200
  • High Weight before RNY: 160
  • CW: 121
  • below goal in 9 months

on 3/5/18 3:09 am
RNY on 05/09/17

That's heart breaking about the fire and flood. So sorry!

on 3/5/18 3:51 am

What a neat quest! You could be on the lookout for a "thing" and name it your super special thing!...

on 3/5/18 4:37 am
RNY on 02/28/17

How did you and Grim fair from the wind and flooding? Did you lose power or have any damage to the house? I am feeling grateful because we only had a few large limbs down, mostly small stuff, and we didn't lose power. Lots of our neighbors lost parts of their roof and several cars crushed by falling trees not far from us.

HW: 248, SW (2/17): 244, GW (10/17): 125, CW: 117-122

RNY w/ Joseph Afram: 2/28/2017; Plastics w/ Douglas Forman: Extended mastopexy, Extended abdominoplasty-5/18/2018

on 3/5/18 6:34 am - MA

We fared fine, thanks! Lots of roof shingles off and the wiring for the ice dams is down, too, but we didn't even lose power. I swear we are one of like three houses in the town that didn't lose power, and it's still out! It's pretty remarkable to see the whole mall shut down and traffic lights down, etc. Kinda freaky.

This tree down is on our street about 3 blocks down.

  • 4'11"
  • High Weight before LapBand: 200
  • High Weight before RNY: 160
  • CW: 121
  • below goal in 9 months

on 3/5/18 7:06 am
RNY on 10/28/16

Omg that's horrible JB, thank goodness for memories.

on 3/5/18 3:17 am
RNY on 05/09/17

Wow! I'm posting early today. I'm really working hard to regain control after a particularly hard two weeks emotionally and eating wise.

Which makes me doubley thankful for CAMAW! Get out of here carbs, ya life ruiners! I swear, they make me want to binge on everything I see.

Daisy! That tableclothe is such a sweet idea. I may just do that one day.

QOTD: I've always been a fan of blankets, I have so many that I'm attached to emotionally. My favorite is this beautiful orange blanket that I received as a gift when I lived in Lesotho. They Shepard will wear them to keep them warm. Mine has elephants on them and it was such a lovely gift from my host family.


  1. 1 premier
  2. Danon light and fit Greek
  3. 1 oz pot roast, 2 oz cottage cheese
  4. 1 cheese stick
  5. 1 oz pot roast with Brie cheese
  6. probably more cheese

today's my first day at my shadowing experience. I'm a little nervous but hopeful it will all go well.

on 3/5/18 4:38 am
RNY on 02/28/17

Hope your shadowing goes well and that you learn alot!

HW: 248, SW (2/17): 244, GW (10/17): 125, CW: 117-122

RNY w/ Joseph Afram: 2/28/2017; Plastics w/ Douglas Forman: Extended mastopexy, Extended abdominoplasty-5/18/2018

on 3/5/18 6:30 am
RNY on 08/11/14

Good luck with shadowing-hope it goes well.

RNY 8/11/14 with Dr. Kelvin Higa PS Lipectomy 4/12/17 with Dr. John Burnett HW 291.4/CW 137-140 (10/2018)GW 150

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