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on 3/5/18 7:54 am

This is what I do every week. On Sunday I home cook several servings of 2 things That I am craving. This week it was chicken and vegetable soup made with bone broth and a little bit of barley and sauce with meat, mushrooms, onion, tomatoes and peppers and some kidney beans and parmesan. Each serving of my homemade recipes are over 20gms of protein and under 250 calories. Then the rest of the stuff below is what I eat every week. This is (hopefully) all I will put in my mouth this week plus water, tea and coffee and vitamins!

from left to right-

2- 4oz greek yogurt (picture was cut off)

3- 6oz soups

2- 20z low fat cheddar cheese cubes

3- 4oz meat sauce

2- 3oz tuna with light mayo

3- 2oz portions of home made venison jerky

2- 3oz egg salad

a bag of spinach with a box of bean sprouts that I may have a bit of a couple times.

2- 4oz low fat cottage cheese (picture cut off)

on 3/5/18 9:09 am - MA

Your set up is identical to mine! I do the exact same thing every Sunday--I weigh and measure everything and make up a million little grab-and-go Tupperwares to bring with me for lunch. Ever since I started that, meal planning is about a million times easier, and so are my mornings!

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on 3/5/18 9:56 am - OK
RNY on 05/16/16

While my method is different, the end results are so similar!

I cook during the week, and sometimes on the weekends... but I take whatever I cook and put it into pre-weighed containers. I often freeze mine though.

Then I will grab out of the freezer my 'freezer' treats. They are all high protein/low carb and it works so much better than when I do run out of them and have to come up with things on the fly.

Great job!

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on 3/5/18 7:59 pm - Middletown, CT
VSG on 09/28/16

I do the same thing. Cook on the weekend for the whole week then weigh and pack all of my meals and snacks.

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on 3/6/18 2:56 pm - North West GTA, Ontario, Canada
RNY on 11/15/13

Such an awesome job! I love this!

I do the same thing, cook a ton on Sunday, weigh it/measure it and pack it in tupperware so its just grab and go!

Is this not just the easiest thing to do for the work week? I love it. My husband is a "normie" but he gets all the "to go" Tupperware's as well, just makes it easy peasy.

Keep up the great work!!

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on 3/9/18 7:13 am

I do the same thing ( its so much easier to defrost than cook from scratch ) ... but I overload my recipes with fresh healthy veggies ... kale, spinach, carrots , peppers, mushrooms. Honestly I don't even FEEL the extras as onerous ( despite cooking totally fat free ) ... i just love the mouthfeel taste and healthy wake-up from eating great .