My Odyssey: Finally Made it to the "Loser's Bench"


on 3/5/18 1:18 pm - Youngstown, OH

After 42 years of losing the battle of my through more traditional methods, and turning to other methods out of desperation, and 22 of those years researching, wishing, hoping and praying to be granted WLS-- I've had my Lap RNY procedure performed on TUESDAY FEBRUARY 6th at 10:30am at St. Joseph's Hospital in Warren, OH. Surgeon was Dr. Robert Woodruff. I was discharged on Feb. 7th Wednesday in the afternoon. I practically BEGGED to leave because I'd been sleep deprived. How? Because the damned I.V. pump kept beeping and going off EVERY 20-40 MINUTES FROM 7PM ON FEB. 6th until 1-ish PM on FEB. 7th!!! Which meant I had to buzz the nurse's station every blasted time! Why they didn't just replace the damned thing with one that did function correctly, I'll never know.

Oh yeah, that sleepless evening around 10 or 11pm as I sat up in bed trying to turn on my phone, it seemed like almost every nurse on my floor came bolting into my room. I asked what's all the hullabaloo. One of the head nurses, Nichole, informed me that whenever anyone's name suddenly goes RED on their computer screen, it means they're FLATLINING!

RNs, LPNs and every other consonant flanked 3 sides of my bed. One asked, "Should I get the crash cart?"! Now, I've watched watched enough TV shows and films to know that's not a good sign; and there's no need to jolt me back to life when I'm still living! Hahaha! I know I had a wry albeit incredulous grin as I stated, "Well clearly I'm not. I can't even get any decent sleep in this joint."

They all giggled and obviously I had a pulse. It turns out that when I was hooked up with all sorts of electrodes to monitor me, all except one was incorrectly attached to me. So Nichole removed them all & rearranged them the right way. *sigh*

Anyway, I know, I know, I took a while to post this but there's a lot of priorities. There won't be any casualties due to my obligations and other stuff. Lol

Okay, so again my HW was in the 440s. My weight on the day of surgery was 378 lbs. On February 13th, my visiting physician & her RN weighed me on a hard surface on a bariatric scale at 374 lbs. I refuse to weigh myself. I'd drive myself berserk. . I'd rather concentrate on nutrition regimen and light exercise and stretches. Both scales at the weight loss center give False Readings because the scales ate on carpeted surfaces. That's a BIG NO-NO! They, and all scales bariatric or otherwise, MUST be on a hard flat surface. Period. Other physician's offices I've been to are guilty of this and they need to fix it! Ive only been to one specialist's office and 3 clinics/ hospitals where its done correctly and I get the correct weigh in. So I disregard what they tell me at the weight loss center. I'm due there again for my 6 week followup on March 22nd. However, my visiting physician will be coming to my flat 1 or 2 days prior. Shell weigh me & I'll record it in my journal and inform them at the center. Meh.

Otherwise, I'm taking things slowly but surely. My personal assistant/ friend is a phone call away if I should need her. Now I'm just coping with "anti blood clot" shots I have to give myself in the abdomen- DAILY for 28 days; which will end this week. Did anyone else have to do that as well once post op?

Almost forgot, since Feb 8th I've broken out into hives/ rashes ALL OVER MY BODY from Nectar protein bev mixes (required purchase from the Surgical Weight Loss Ctr.) and from Unjury protein mixes. As well as unsweetened Carnation Instant Breakfast Essentials with protein, and also from SlimFast protein bev's. So because these products are manufactured in plants where shellfish, grapefruit, nuts soy, etc go through... I'm screwed. I don't earn much money and the powers that he don't seem to care and two, have never had a client that had a negative reaction to the products/ supplements. Its March 5th and I'm still scratching like a chocolate Labrador retriever. I stopped all powder/ mixes/ liquid supplement protein. I can't risk it: health wise, physically, financially, emotionally. Now that I'm on puréed foods, I can get protein from healthy FOOD, as long as its puréed and smashed to smithereens.

The other protein and hydrating product I'll attempt will be PEDIALYTE & PEDIASURE. Its primarily for kids, but for that same reason I hope it won't harm me. I've suffered enough. This is exhausting and a pain in the you know what.

Tired of typing on this phone (both laptops broken. died on me last year). Gotta go. Wish me luck and the same to you. L8R.

on 3/5/18 1:44 pm
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I also had to give myself injections of lovenox for anti-clotting, but only for 14 days post-op as my surgeon's office doesn't want it to go longer than that to hinder healing.
I have the genetic mutation MTHFR which is a clotting disorder, I found out during pregnancy a few years ago and they made me do it after my c-section too.
apparently it's actually quite common (like 1 in 4 people have it) but most people just don't know about it unless they have been tested.
I believe it is common practice for any major surgery now at the hospital I was at though.

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on 3/6/18 8:49 am
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You're lucky to have had such a good doctor to pay attention to your MTHFR status.

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My status goes back and forth.

CJ On Orcas
on 3/6/18 8:28 pm
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I am not even sure of my status. How does one find out their MTHFR status?

on 3/7/18 6:25 am
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its a simple blood test to check for the genetic mutation.

RNY 2/12/18
5'4 1/2" tall, HW : 315 lbs, Surgery Wt: 297lbs.
M1: -17.5lbs M2: -11.5lbs M3: -12lbs M4: -13lbs M5: -13lbs M6: -13.5lbs M7: -12lbs M8: -14lbs M9: -10.5lbs M10: -7.75lbs M11: -5.25lbs M12: -4lbs M13: -3lbs M14: -7lbs M15: -2lbs M16: -1lb **made it to goal!**

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Citizen Kim
on 3/6/18 7:34 pm - Castle Rock, CO

I had a lively discussion with an LPN and then my doc on labs today, pretty sure I have MTHFR status in that office now.

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Welcome and congrats on your surgery! I hope its all smooth sailing here on out for you!

Wishing you a speedy recovery.

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White Dove
on 3/7/18 5:26 pm

You lucked out with a great surgeon and wonderful program. Make sure you attend meetings and learn. There are a lot of people who want to go to those meetings but don't qualify because they did not have surgery done at that center.

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