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I'm new here, but I have been reading posts for about a month. I've learned a lot since. I have my three months post op meeting with the Dietician and Nurse yesterday. I got the RNY on December 6, 2017. Even though their office tried to call me last week, they never got a hold of me, I had left two messages at the extension they mentioned on the voice mail, plus tried calling the receptionist. I never reached anyone. So, my first appointment was suppose to be at 8:30 am with the Nurse. Well, I found out that they had cancelled that one and rescheduled it for the next morning at 8:30 am. Like I said, they never called me back to actually tell me why they wanted me to call them, so I didn't know. My appointment with the Dietician was for 10:30 am, so no point in going back home. The clerical staff said to come see them when I came back for my second appointment and that they may be able to book it for that afternoon, instead of coming back in the morning. I was annoyed with them, it's not the first time that a small mistake happened there. Last October I was suppose to have a video conference with my surgeon, first time meeting him. I was waiting in the waiting room for 30 minutes until someone came to see me. They had forgotten to come and get me and the surgeon had to communicate with them saying that the patient wasn't at the conference call, so I had to reschedule that appointment. They had forgotten the woman before me also.

Anyways, I went back for my second appointment and they were able to schedule me with the Nurse for 2 pm. I took that, I just wanted to get it over with. Meeting with the Dietician went fine, except I need to up my protein a bit and she said I didn't have enough carbs in my diet, she wants me to get 100 gr, which after reading this forum, seems like too much and makes me nervous to even go there. I do have a list of healthy carbs I should take, I guess I could take a look at it and see. I've been writing in a food journal, but she suggested my fitness pal. Is it easy to use? When I got back, i did what the secretary said, I just sat down in the waiting room and waited for the Nurse to come and get me. At 2:15 pm my husband asked me if I should go ask the receptionist when the Nurse would come, when the scheduling is good, they're isn't much waiting. So I go ask, the receptionist contacts the Nurse, and it turns out that no one mentioned it to her that the appointment was changed. Luckily, I have no issues, so it went quick, but annoyed me that no one informed her about it. I'm starting to wonder if this Bariatric Center is only disorganized with me. My numbers were fine, except she said that my Iron was a bit high. I'm just glad that I didn't need to come back the next day.

Anyways, sorry about the rambling. I've never posted on one of these before. One last question, I'm interested in getting a Fitbit and I was wondering which one would be best to get. I would be happy to get your suggestions.

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Yeah the office seems like it's lacking in communication. Congrats on surgery!!

You're smart to question the 100g carb recommendation. At nearly 3 years out I call a day with 100g carbs a very bad day. My goal was always to keep my carbs less than my protein, which was 60g post op.

My fitness pal is easy to use and probably has the best database of foods. I have over 800 days logged. Tracking is a key to success.

I used to have a Fitbit- but I prefer my Apple Watch. I'm not sure what Fitbit models are out now- I'm sure other can advise you.

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Ditto to what peachpie said 100 grams of carbs

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Welcome and congrats on your surgery!! It's an exciting, scary, wonderful time, isn't it?

The bariatric office sounds a lot like my household-which is no bueno. I've always half-jokingly called my house Chaos Inc. It sounds like the office has that Chaos vibe going.

I know a lot of times we will tell people to follow the dietician's plan, but in many cases-like yours-they want us to add in way too many carbs-and so early out too. You're right to question 100 grams of carbs per day. I don't get that now, and I'm almost 5 years out. I don't see myself EVER eating that many in a day-unless I go on a serious carb bender, for which I'd pay dearly. There are people here who can eat that amount and not gain weight, but I am definitely not one of those people.

I kept my carbs as low as possible in my losing phase, and even now, if I go over 40 grams a day, it's a rare occurrence. Even if I do a dumb and snack too much, it's usually protein based. (I'm lookin' at you, pork rinds.)

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The office sounds like they have some serious communication issues. Sounds like you handled it with much grace.

This year make it about protein. Those carbs will be there.


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Welcome Chelbey, congrats on your surgery.

Sorry your Centre is so disorganized. That sucks. Do they do email? Can you try the day before and call them to confirm any upcoming appts? Do they any kind of "patient portal" or patient online system that you can check your appt times and or test results.

I would love to know what your Iron number was. I have ZERO faith in docs dealing with bariatric patients and their lab numbers. Just so you know with us RNY patients, its not about the Iron level but FERRITIN. You NEED to know what your FERRITIN number is. That is the true number to find out what your iron is at. If you are still menstruating you will want the number at 80-100. Even over 100 if you menstruate. Google low ferritin and you will see what kind of side effects can happen. I menstruate very heavy each month and I don't asborb oral iron pills (I use the Patch) and I keep my Ferritin number close to 200, that is the only way I feel good and not like a walking zombie.

As for the carbs, NOPE! 100 grams is insane for someone who is almost 3 months post op. In my first year I kept my carbs at 20 or under. Even now I am 4 yrs + out from surgery and I won't go over 50 grams of carbs day, that's just me as I am very carb sensitive.

Until you get to your goal weight, stick to high protein, low carb and tons and tons of liquids.

I love MFP. Its free and so fantastic to log in my foods. I use both the desktop site and the app on my iPhone. Love both. I have a Fitbit Alta HR and I LOVE it. This is my 3rd fitbit since I had surgery. The other two just wore out. I am never with out my fitbit.

Stick around, ask questions, join the menu thread if you want. Best of luck and welcome!!

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The Bariatric Center in my town doesn't do email and doesn't have a website. The only way to contact them is by phone and most of the time I need to leave a voicemail. It can take up to three days for them to contact you back. I have nothing to do with my surgeon's office. I don't know what would happen if I started having complications, his office is 4-5 hours away. Luckily, everything is going smoothly for me.

As for my Iron number, she never told me the number itself, she just said that it was high and asked if I had any pain anywhere. She said that sometimes inflammation in joints can elevate your iron. My husband keeps pestering me to sign up to the lab I get my blood testing done, they email you the results as soon as they have them. I should start saving a copy of it just in case.

I'm going to add more protein to my diet, but I'm not going to add more carbs, I feel perfectly fine right now. I had a bit of a stall after my first month. I looked at my food journal and saw that I was probably eating too much carbs, so I cut most out and upped my exercises. I feel that it kicked started back to loosing again. I usually find myself just nodding at what the nutritionist says most of the time anyways.

This place is a great source of information. I'm glad I found the site. I'll look into the Fitbit Alta HR. Thank you for your suggestions.

The Salty Hag
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RNY on 05/20/13

Getting your results and keeping records of your levels is paramount to catching any possible deficiencies early.

Signing up to get those results is a fantastic idea.

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