Experience with/thoughts about Tespo?

on 3/7/18 1:57 pm

Do any of you have any experience with Tespo liquid vitamins?


on 3/7/18 3:10 pm
RNY on 05/09/17

Hey! I've never used them, but looked into it. I sent my RD and surgeon links to their newest Bariatric complete regimen. They told me to pass unless I wanted to take additional supplements with it as well.

i would talk with your team :)

on 3/7/18 3:33 pm

We talked vitamins at support group Monday. Someone asked about these and patches. They said steer clear of both. Along with Dollar store vitamins

HW 510 / SW 424/ GW range 175-185 / CW 182 :)

RNY November 2016

on 3/7/18 4:09 pm

Thank you both. Something in me said not to spend all that money. I found another vitamin that meets all requirements. I still will need to add Iron (which I will take at night to avoid stomach aches) and Calcium 3 times a day.

This is an easy and small price to pay for surgery that is saving my life...and giving me a life.