NSV and getting back on track after vacation

on 3/8/18 8:10 am
RNY on 12/19/17

Hey, everyone! I just got back from 9-day vacation and thought I would write an update about my pre-vacation NSV and getting back on track the last few days.

I am a major planner and list maker before I go on vacation. This trip was 9 days from Boston to New Orleans and a 5-night Mexican cruise in the middle. I packed almost all of my items in the few days prior to leaving. I happened to wake up early on the Friday of the trip (Feb 23) and decided to try some things on, just in case. Boy, am I glad I did! Every single shirt I packed (whi*****luded my favorites from the past year) was too big! I was swimming in my 2X blouses. So, I took the extra time and spent about an hour trying on clothes that I haven't worn since summer of 2013. AND THEY FIT! Thank god I hadn't given away all of my too small clothes. I was able to repack my suitcase with some bottoms that I had been given, some shorts that were too big, but that I could tie to my waist and shirts that I haven't worn in 4.5 years! It felt great to put them on and have them fit again! I was so happy looking through the pics I took of vacation and really seeing the lbs I've lost in the last couple of months.

That said, I knew I wasn't going to be "perfect" with my eating on vacation - Southern food and cruise food! C'mon! I took the time to enjoy myself. While I didn't go crazy overboard and disregard everything (I ate very small meals and stopped eating when I should), I did eat a lot of carbs, some fried food and even tried alcohol for the first time since surgery. Luckily, I didn't have any stomach problems. I know it was "wasted time" that I could have been losing more weight, but I really wanted to enjoy my vacation with my family and not restrict myself so much. In the end, I lost .5 lbs on vacation, which is good because at least I didn't gain and bad because I could have lost more if I had eaten better.

Since getting home, I've been back on track with gyming, high protein, low carb, low sugar, etc. and I've already lost 2 lbs since Monday. Feeling good and looking forward to staying the course. I enjoyed my vacation and I'm glad I know that I can tolerate certain things, but getting to my goal weight is more important than knowing I can tolerate ice cream. So - back on track for me :-) Looking forward to my 3-month surgeon and nutritionist appointments on the 19th.

Take care!

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on 3/8/18 10:42 am

Glad you are getting back on track. I too have had a good holiday and vacation period. I ended up a few pounds heavier and learned I could eat many things I'd assumed I couldn't. The one thing now that I'm back on track is realizing - just because I can, doesn't mean I can (or should). I discussed this with my bariatric therapist after getting back and he was glad I had that realization. He says that a number of his patients find they can eat many things they shouldn't over time and those little tastes, licks and bites add up and can mess people up. They feel like it's okay, especially since I didn't get sick and didn't gain much or even still lost. Then old thinking begins to creep back and his patients find they can't get back to the same level of focus, etc. Old patterns overcome the new and that's when he sees them go through the dreaded weight regain. He looked me in the eye and told me, it's time to chose which path to follow. I thought about this and my thinking is now very different (even from just two weeks ago). I'm back to passing up those little things, like my wife's baking new recipes. Over the holiday I sampled (albeit small) portions of her new cookies. I thought it was okay and kinda even fun. Now, not so much. I surprised her Sunday when I said no to a sample of her newest lemon cookie (and I loved lemon cookies). I chose this path because I saw that my night time grazing had started back up and knew this was the lid to Pandora's box being opened. Glad you are okay, had fun and back on track - but be careful.

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RNY on 12/19/17

Thank you! Yes, it has been harder to get back on track as I'm now craving some foods that I allowed myself last week, but I want to get to my goal and being back at home (where I don't keep such foods) has been helpful. Good on you for saying no to those lemon cookies! Let's both stay strong!

RNY: 12/19/2017. Height: 5'5. Highest weight: 287. Weight at beginning of process: 276.4. Weight at start of pre-op diet: 270. Surgery weight: 266.5. Current weight (4/20/2018): 205. Pre-op (6 days only!): -3.5 lbs. M1: -21.5 lbs, M2: -17 lbs, M3: -11 lbs, M4: -12 lbs, M5:?

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Thanks it really was the first test post my decision and it was hard. I so wanted to try them. But went upstairs with my A&W Rootbeer drink and read a book. The next morning I was very happy I didn't try them. The menu thread asked what we were thankful for this morning. This actually should have been my answer. I'm glad this way of thinking has returned. Best to you!

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VSG on 11/19/14

I've been there, that's why I'm here.

Live and learn and try not to make the same mistakes twice. My only comment is it is too soon to even try alcohol. stay on your program and do not cave to peer pressure to eat or try things that are not recommended, some of those that love us the most want to show us love through food, eventually the peer pressure stops and you will fit in on vacations and outings as folks will see how succesfull and committed you are and will realize that what you are doing works!!! Only my Mom tries to please me with food, but that is what Moms do. LOL

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RNY on 12/19/17

Yeah. It felt good to feel "normal" and have a couple of drinks during my vacation, but I'm definitely ok with saying no and just having water at the bar. My plan is to have my next drink on my birthday in June!

on 3/8/18 9:57 pm
RNY on 07/23/14

June is too soon unless you are at goal. Losing weight quickly is very taxing on your liver. Alcohol taxes your liver. Do your liver and weight loss a favor and skip the alcohol.

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RNY on 12/19/17

My NUT says that timeline is fine, but I didn't think about the liver implications. Thanks.

The Salty Hag
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RNY on 05/20/13

I find I do much better on vacation than I do at home. I think I need to take more vacations...haha.

Glad you're back on track!

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Erin T.
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VSG on 01/17/17

Same here. I've traveled a total of 4+ weeks since surgery and I always come home lighter than I left, even while in maintenance. That's not to say I don't indulge (once I hit goal), but without my scale with me 24/7 I eat ridiculously small portions and it always works out for me.

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