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my doctor put me on a few vitamins that are chewable or in the nose. i take iron and that is fine and the nose one is a mist that is weekly and fine. the issue i have is the chewable multivitamin that i take daily is terrible. i mean awful! and so is the calcium one. ugh! does anyone have a chewable multivitamin that taste good? i think the flintstone ones are not enough for what we need post surgery.


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I take the Centrum chewable. It's a *****alky but not too bad-orange flavored.

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if you're 4 months post op you should be able to take regular vitamins now if you're able to swallow pills.
calcium citrate also comes in capsule forms which you can just swallow...but if you want a chewable, bariatric advantage and celebrate also make some really tasty calcium chews that are kind of like candy. I get mine from bariatricpal online but you can look for them at GNC or vitamin shoppe. my favorites are the lemon ones and the caramel. they are kind of pricey but in my opinion worth the splurge now and then!


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I think of my calcium chews as my "treat" for the day. My favorite are the caramel and the blackberry.

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There is no need to take chewable vitamins once you're all healed up from surgery; regular pills will work just fine.

I made a spreadsheet with the ASMBS recommendations, and compared them to a double-dose of a standard multivitamin from Walgreen's. You'll probably need to add calcium and iron, but you should be able to hit all of your requirements with no trouble. v2v32hkDX0N6yZVfH8jBnpw/edit?usp=sharing

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I wasn't able to swallow large pills (mulit or calcium) with out hard core gagging post op for the longest time. I had a hard time with the bariatric chewables too. Then I found Bariatric Advantage chews - they have a mutli-vit and a calcium that are awesome - pricey though. The fruit flavors are my favorite - like starburst, chocolate is like a tootsie roll, the most popular flavor is caramel which is pretty good too. These saved me and kept my labs great.

Now, I take the pills and have no problem swallowing them, but I still miss those chews!


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Do not take Flintstones, they are NO WHERE near what we need post op.

You don't have to do chewables if you don't like them.

I bought a pill splitter and used that for all my oral vitamins. I also use it still to this day for some of my other pills I take that are on the larger size.

You can split up a pill to how every small you want it. One of the best post op vitamins that I see a lot of people use is the Centrum 50+ multivitamin. The 50+ because it has little to no iron. Split that in 3 small pieces and take it with any drink of your choice. Same with your calcium pill, split it up and make it into smaller manageable pieces.

Note - I wrote this down when I was fresh post op and I have it memorized now, this is what my Centre recommened:

2 multivitamins a day (each must have 1 mg of Cooper) - DON'T take with Calcium

1 Iron pill a day - minimum of 36 mg of Iron (must be Caronyl or Heme) - DON'T take with coffee or tea

3-500mg of calcium a day (we can't absorb more than 500 mg at a time) - DON'T take with multi

1000IU of Vitamin D 3 times a day (you can take at the same time you take your calcium)

1000mg of B12 sublingual every OTHER day

I am almost 5 yrs post op. I use the PATCHMD Vitamin patches daily. My labs are excellent which I have taken every 6 months to ensure they are at the optimal levels. I also get a yearly DEXA scan done to ensure I am not developing osteoporosis.

Also if you look at the top of the screen there is a magnifying glass, you can "search" for anything here on OH, if you search for vitamins you will see a ton of info.

Best of luck.

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I take two One A Day Women's 50+ Healthy Advantage multivitamins because they don't contain iron (purchased at Costco). Separately, I take Proferrin (heme iron), Citracal (calcium citrate), magnesium citrate, vitamin D, and B12 Shot monthly. Note that you don't have to be 50+ or a woman to take my preferred multivitamin.

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RNY on 06/28/18

I am one month post-op. I am taking Celebrate chewables because you don't have to take anything else. I am not having any iron issues. Avoid the mango, it was horrible. I table the pineapple-orange and it is OK. We were directed to take chewables for 3 months. I have had zero issues thus far and plan to continue strictly adhering to my medical team's directions.

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You are taking calcium vitrste, I hope. You'll need three doses of that per day. And you will need iron. Mine was great at first, but you'll find the number winding down. Getting out in front of it makes more sense than reacting when it's too late.

Just about everyone needs extra B12 and D3 as well. There's really no such thing as a simpl e one pill solution. And, what works now almost certainly will need adjusting down the road.

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