Protein long term what are our needs?

on 8/18/18 11:29 am - Montréal, Canada

Will be 12 years post-op and am curious on needs on protein.

I was very strict and careful 1st year and went from 368 to 200 in 1 year. Watched and counted everything I ate. But got pregnant 1 year post op and a huge regain through my pregnancy (scared the baby would miss nutrients and over ate) to re-lose right after baby some of the weight and have maintained +45 poundssince the last 8 years.

1st of September back at the gym and want to count and chart what I will be eating.

Looking to at least lose 30 pounds.

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on 8/18/18 12:29 pm

I am 18 1/2 years post-op and need to loose 30 pounds. I have gone back to the basics of eating the way I did fresh out of surgery except not limiting my protein drinks and soups. I will begin soft protein in a day or two. I found as long as I drink the high protein/soups I am not craving and my calorie intake is not high either even with me partaking when I feel hungry.

on 8/18/18 12:51 pm, edited 8/18/18 5:57 am - Calimesa, CA

Hello! I am almost 13 years out and went through the struggle of a weight gain last year when I hit peri-menopause. I have lost 44 lbs in 8 months on a Keto-ish diet (I say Keto-ish because I do take in more protein than is typical on Keto and a bit less fat). I have the link to my thread in my siggy line if you are interested :)

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Citizen Kim
on 8/18/18 7:56 pm, edited 8/18/18 12:56 pm - Castle Rock, CO

I'm 14 years out and have lost 50lbs this year. I aim for 80-90g protein and try to keep my carbs 20-30g. I don't drink shakes or eat protein bars. I get all my nutritional needs from simple, unprocessed foods.

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Laura in Texas
on 8/19/18 2:56 pm
RNY on 09/17/08 with

Have you had your labs done recently? If so, what was your protein level? If it is in the normal range, you should stick with the amount you are eating now and cut back on carbs.

I am 10 years out and usually consume 80-100 grams of protein a day. I feel less hunger when I eat more protein.

Good luck. I need to lose 10 pounds so I am tracking everything. We can both do this!!

Laura in Texas

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White Dove
on 8/20/18 10:47 am

Laura gave you the answer. Get labs done and see what your level is. Then decide if you need more.

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