RNY Revision due to ulcers

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RNY on 02/11/13

I?m 5 years out from my RNY. Due to several issues I neve got to goal and even gained back some weight.

Was DX with Barrett?s Esophegus during pre surgery workup, then following up some ulcers were found. They treated them and as far as I knew that was the end of it.

fast forward three years and I woke up in middle of the night...2:00 Tues morning...in so much pain that I actually picked up the phone to dial 911. Got transported to hospital for emergency surgery by the on call bari surgeon. While I haven?t seen him yet, I did learn that the old pouch was cut out and I now have a shiny new one. Will be scoped today and hope to get released. Finances will be a mess but I sure do feel better! I would appreciate prayer from those inclined...thank you


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Oh no! I hope you feel better soon.

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Julia S.
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I hope you feel better soon! I'm dealing with a ulcer myself, definitely not fun.

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Sending prayers your way! Stay calm and positive. You'll get through this!!

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After 4 nights in the hospital I was released today with a follow up with the surgeon next week. I was glad to have him on hand for my emergency too, as he is one of only two bariatic surgeons in the area (mine was out of country).

I have to say it's odd being back to week one/clear liquids after 5 years away from my original RNY! That's what I have...a brand new pouch since the old one was destroyed by ulcers and was excised, making room for a new pouch. Not a hardship as far as food because a few sips of water and I am done!

Went home with zero pain meds though, but I guess I really don't need them. What's funny this time around is that I really know my insides have been changed, plus the surgeon told me my new pouch is smaller.

Nice getting so full so fast again! Just like a newbie, which at least a portion of me is. Never thought I'd end up with a new pouch at any time, much less this far out. Well, here's to the next five years!


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Can you update on your status? I am scheduled for a revision at the end of the month due to non healing marginal ulcers. I am told that weight loss is not likely.. I do not understand that as pouch will be made smaller in addition to removing the ulcerated area. Curious about your experience.

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I'm doing pretty well, lost 15 lb first month and 8 more since then. I was only on PPI for 2 weeks, have to be very compliant wrt diet and stress management since we don't know cause of ulcers. Healed quickly, tons of energy, despite getting very, very little sleep each night (another issue). As long as you follow the protein forward bari diet and monitor macros I sure don't understand why your dr said you won't lose! I know the revision doesn't get the metabolic advantage of the first RNY, but the tool still works.

I really hope your revision goes as well as my own did. Keep me posted!


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Thanks so much for the reply! There is very little posted about RNY revision weight loss when only the pouch is reformed. Tons of info on distal but that is not what I am doing. I am also having a vagotomy to hopefully prevent ulcer reoccurance.

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That's good...I wish he'd done that but it was an emergency situation and I was in pretty dire straits. Glad it's over ...and I sure hope I don't get them again (already two occurrences AND I have Barrett's esophagus too). And you are right, there is not very much information online. Take care, let me know how you are doing!