Weight loss meds after surgery

Erin B.
on 9/12/18 11:20 am


Wondering if anyone here did medical weight loss via prescription drugs prior to deciding on surgery (phentermine, topamax, metformin etc). I am wondering when you stopped taking your meds before surgery and if you took any of them after. My bariatrian said it would be good for me to continue with the metformin for sure--just curious to see anyone else's experience.

on 9/12/18 11:38 am

I stopped my metformin right after surgery.

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Sparklekitty, Hag of Science
on 9/12/18 12:28 pm
VSG on 12/10/13

The metformin is likely because of blood sugar issues. While you should be able to scale the dose back, or quit it completely, after losing weight, you should definitely keep taking it until otherwise instructed.

Topamax can cause some very nasty discontinuation symptoms. (I once took it for bipolar disorder.) Do NOT quit it cold turkey; ask your doctor about how to taper down off it.

Because of the physical restriction and metabolic changes after surgery, you should not need to continue on phentermine or topamax or anything else designed to suppress your appetite.

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Erin B.
on 9/12/18 12:32 pm

Metformin is not for traditional blood sugar issues. Used to combat insulin resistance/PCOS symptoms. I think that is why bariatrician said I might need to continue to take it. Was just curious if anyone else had a similar situation!

on 9/12/18 8:15 pm
RNY on 07/23/14

Metformin is used for type 2 diabetes as well. While not everyone goes off it immediately you most likely won't need to be on it long term.

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on 9/13/18 10:08 am
RNY on 02/12/18 with

typically the Metformin is prescribed for PCOS because of the insulin resistance aspect. I was on it for a while a few years ago when my OBGYN thought I might have PCOS and because my A1C was borderline. I was taken off of it a few years ago though, long before my surgery.
MY DH was on Metformin along with several other meds for type2 diabetes and he was taken off all of them as soon as he was home from the hospital after his RNY in May...had labs checked a month later and everything was perfect.

your insulin resistance will likely resolve after the surgery pretty quickly- most type 2 diabetics, even on injectable insulin go into diabetic remission within a few months of the surgery, so likely you will probably not need to remain on the metformin, but obviously your doctor will want to monitor your labs to make sure.
this surgery can also help with PCOS symptoms!


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on 9/13/18 10:26 pm, edited 9/13/18 3:28 pm

IF you continue with the metformin you may have problems keeping your sugar up, especially in the short term.. I Have PCOS as well.

You have enough things to be concerned about, besides blood sugar drops...in early post op diet challenges...

as you lose weight, as the fat is excreted,your hormones may stabilize and possibly reduce. Milk thistle would be a wise choice to clear your liver and gall bladder as they do this hard work of filtering and excretion. (recommended by endocrinologists that specialize in liver care)

The surgery does indeed help with hormone balance.

You MAY or MAY NOT need to return to a hormone control agent, after you have lost most of desired weight, but with the known side effects of metformin. I would elect to go with bitter melon, a natural supplement , (Used in India for centuries)1x a day 15 days of each month. It seems to do the same thing for me. It does take 2 months for full benefits to kick in. In addition to controlling sugars it works on cysts on ovaries same way as metformin, in MY experience.

on 9/13/18 10:40 pm

Also surgery was a last resort for me. My blood sugar was bottoming out... 20-50 blood sugars most of every day. .. highest ever could catch via doing frequent finger sticks, was 80....had to add carbs to balance sugars. and then gained weight....again. I tried every diet I could find would loose 10 lbs and regain20 within 2 weeks. tried a lot of things, long ago and far away. none of those until surgery worked. Am once again back to very near my initial weight loss goal 23 years after surgery. so You can do this! Once you get the too, just maintain it , follow Drs orders re: follow up, diet , lab monitoring.