Have you dumped? Tell us about it.

H.A.L.A B.
on 11/10/18 9:08 pm

Just Google it. My worst ones can longer a whole day. I bring it up, try to keep it stable only to get low BS every hour or so. But the end of that I am extremely tired. Not only that day, but a few days after. I have weak adrenals, and low BS cause a whole body alarm, causing a surge of cortisone, adrenaline or epinefepine. It is like an severe anxiety attack that keeps coming and coming. Because adrenal and other hormones are used, the hormonal system can get depleted and it may take a couple days to rebuild the reserves. Low cortisone makes me very tired, can cause severe orthostOrth Hypotension, heart fluctuations, low blood pressure, etc etc.

Dumping can be horrible, but after it over, and I sleep a little, I am ok. RH effects can last a few days.

Hala. RNY 5/14/2008; Happy At Goal =HAG

"I can eat or do anything I want to - as long as I am willing to deal with the consequences"

"Failure is not falling down, It is not getting up once you fell... So pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again...."

on 11/12/18 10:47 am
VSG on 05/12/14

Amen, sister. I'd choose to have dumping every single day for the rest of my life if I could get rid of my hypoglycemia

Amy R.
on 11/10/18 8:45 am

Hi Lucile! Long term dumper here. Dumping is generally defined as having at least one of these symptoms:

Flushing, light-headedness, dizziness and rapid heart rate, nausea, feeling bloated or too full after eating, vomiting, stomach cramps. More rarely, diarrhea.

Basically, you'll want to die. It is almost the worst feeling ever and goes far being just having bowel trouble. It sounds like you may be one of those who do actually dump and I'm sorry you'll be dealing with that. For me the worst of it all is the rapid heart rate and dizziness. Like Hala, I dread the RH that follows much more than the dumping itself.

Only about 30% of RNY patients actually dump. Eventually you'll probably see a pattern develop and will be able to avoid some episodes. For example, I know that if I eat over 15 grams of sugar at any one time I'll probably dump. That sounds like a lot. But the Yoplait Light yogurt I eat for breakfast has 10 grams. So it's really not that much.

Once you know your limit you'll have more control over the episodes. And there are other things that can help. If you are worried you might have triggered an episode, try eating some protein asap. Sometimes that will cut off the whole situation off at the pass. It will at least minimize it. Also, I only eat between three to five bites of a anything sweet if I don't have the sugar count.

Dumping is controllable once you figure out your triggers and such. If I don't eat sugar, I don't dump. But there is sugar in many things and eating even too much fruit or drinking juice has put me into dumping mode more than once. Good luck as you deal with this. You're smart to be researching what happens to others at such an early stage and I'm sure you'll get a handle on it.

CJ On Orcas
on 11/10/18 11:07 am
RNY on 09/09/16

Dumping is not fun, I only get it with something really sweet. Rapid heartbeat, feel like absolute crap for couple of hours. Nothing really helps except time. But it sure is a deterrent to eating sugar.

on 11/11/18 5:25 am
RNY on 07/23/14

I had what I will now call a 'mini-dump' (because I have since had a major one) about 6 months post-op...Decided to get a latte at Starbucks in Target with SF syrup... I don't know whether she didn't put sugar free in, or even the milk sugars were too much for my new system but in 5 minutes I was running to the bathroom....

Now just this past September at 4+ years out I had my first major dump. I have been getting RH and have regular Hypoglycemia as well for awhile. Some of the symptoms at times can feel the same but with RH/Hypoglycemia you know you HAVE TO eat... if your desire isn't to stop and throw a Ho-Ho down your mouth it's not RH...You do need carbs to bring the BS up, but need to follow it with protein and fat or you will start a vicious cycle...Eating does not help dumping..... I digress

In someways I think the food hit me hard because I hadn't eaten in so long, a family member was in the hospital that day, and while I was drinking fluids and coffee etc with some calories not my usual schedule. It was late but I wanted to eat 'easy' food, so made a bowl of plain greek yogurt - 1 cup, with 1/2 a cup of crushed pineapple. Now where the hell the idea for crushed pineapple came from I don't know... I used to love it pre-WLS but never have had it since. I looked at the side of the can- it said one serving was 1/2cup, scooped out a half a cup and away I went. Now even though these were both 'natural' sugars it was a lot of sugar at one time, no previous food for awhile to buffer the way and a slider food basically so slides right into the intestine....

I thought I was dying. I was in the bathroom cramping, not sure which way stuff was going to come out of my body...although I didn't actually vomit it just felt that way-dizzy and nauseous... and I was sweating literally from the top of my head to the soles of my feel... the hot flash of hot flashes...I didn't know my head could sweat like that... I don't really know how long I was in there until I crawled up to bed and just threw myself in and fell asleep...

Cynthia 5'11" RNY 7/23/2014

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