What's on your Wednesday Menu RNYer's?

on 12/5/18 1:07 pm - DC
RNY on 12/16/13

You and Liz are cracking me up with your passion for Dyson! We have known we need a new vacuum for the past two years, since it seemed like our old one didn't pick much up, BUT we live in a house that got brand new carpets the week we moved in and we don't wear shoes inside (no one does) and we have one cat, no dogs. But I found a great deal on a Shark at Costco on Black Friday and got it (I couldn't stomach spending $400 on something I don't even WANT, but NEED) so this one has awesome reviews and it was $200.


The first day, Kris vacuumed the family room and the canister was almost full of dust and hair! I had NO idea we needed a new vacuum that badly! We have a monthly cleaning lady who vacuums but apparently the vacuum really wasn't picking anything up! I was horrified!

Amy Liz
on 12/5/18 1:29 pm
RNY on 11/21/16

OMG is right!! I know its just a vacuum, but man what a vacuum! It was downright embarrassing to see what it was able to pick up and continues to pick up! I heard the Sharks were awesome too - I've watched the infomercial for it more times than I'd like to admit! But with 4 pets and a dust field blowing our way 24/7 I needed all the power I could possible get. Yes, the price was ridiculous (500 out the door, on sale!) but I wouldn't trade it for anything now.

Dyson love for life yo'


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on 12/5/18 1:41 pm
RNY on 08/11/14

I HAVE to ignore these comments.....I CAN'T afford the expense right now.

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on 12/5/18 5:22 pm - Middletown, CT
VSG on 09/28/16

That makes two of us Kelly!

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on 12/5/18 3:53 pm, edited 12/5/18 7:53 am
RNY on 07/23/14

I have had both Shark and a Dyson and honestly think my shark is just as good. Bought my Shark st Costco and it was so reasonable I bought two so I could have one on each floor.

Cynthia 5'11" RNY 7/23/2014

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on 12/5/18 1:41 pm, edited 12/5/18 5:44 am

Hello my protein pals! Happy Wednesday!

Cynthia, thank you for starting today's thread. Your interlude with your grandkids sounds adorable!

135.0 again today. I'm going to put the pedal to the metal a bit more now and up my exercise, decrease cheese consumption (once a day is ok, but not more), eat less ham, and add in more seafood, as I have been saying since the beginning that this will be my last month in diet mode. If that's so (it doesn't have to be - honestly, it's all so arbitrary) and I want to hit 127, I'd better work hard, rather than just staying comfy and coasting in my groove. I'm trusting that despite being a week away from my 18-month surgiversary, I will be able to continue to peel off the remaining few pounds I'd like to lose. I'm already hitting more than 100, even 120 ounces of fluids, any more and I could never be more than a few feet from a bathroom!

I have read other archived posts about this, but wonder if anyone else here now is experiencing their veins being very prominent? I'm not talking about varicosities, just very visible and somewhat raised veins. My hands, forearms, and even my left temple have these weirdly on display now. It's been this way for several months. I'm wondering how much of this is due to how much I'm drinking, and how much is simply due to subcutaneous fat loss and thinner, looser skin. Whatever the cause, it's not very pretty, and I wonder if in time this will subside. Anyone have any thoughts or experience with this?

QOTD: I have some gadgets I like, but don't use much, like my Vitamix. My favorite kitchen items are my Le Creuset pots, which aren't gadgets. I do have a Breville countertop oven, which has a ton of functions, and which has been very handy.

First: tea with that delish zero carb, zero cal syrup - currently enjoying Maple Bourbon Pecan. Coffee today too.

B: The last of the ham, some Bellavitano Kentucky Bourbon cheese (quite delicious)

L: salmon, with a little plain Greek nonfat yogurt as a condiment

D: salmon again!

Wishing everyone a productive and happy day today.

on 12/5/18 1:56 pm
RNY on 08/11/14

I have noticed my veins (and the little bones in my hands and feet) are more prominent now. I guess I have just assumed it was because of the reduction in fat but I honestly don't know!

RNY 8/11/14 with Dr. Kelvin Higa PS Lipectomy 4/12/17 with Dr. John Burnett HW 291.4/CW 137-140 (10/2018)GW 150

on 12/5/18 2:30 pm

Yes, all those tiny bones! My wrists have gotten really small too - I didn't think they were very big before but now they seem more delicate - not frail, just small

Amy Liz
on 12/5/18 2:03 pm
RNY on 11/21/16

YES, I also have very prominent veins on my hands and forearms. Sometimes its worse than others. At the moment they're not so bad, but sometimes it's almost shocking. I haven't tracked this at all so I've no words of wisdom as to what causes this or why.

I drink 150+ ounces a day and I'm in the bathroom all the time!! It helps at work otherwise I'd never leave my desk! At night I get up 2 or 3 times if I don't stop before 7


SW 309 CW 150 GW 145

on 12/5/18 2:21 pm

At times my veins shock me too!

I'm up at night multiple times as well. Between that and Mia's nighttime serenades , my sleep is ridiculously interrupted! Yet somehow I usually end up feeling pretty well rested, go figure!

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