Topical pain cream instead of NSAIDS?

on 12/7/18 4:30 am
RNY on 02/28/17

Morning all! I'm making this a separate post so hopefully I will get more answers than if I buried it in the menu post.

I seem to be developing arthritis in my hands and wrists. I've been doing alot of hard yard labor over the last few weeks and when I am done, my hands and wrists hurt so bad I almost want to cry. Also the cold is just making them ache terribly. My mother and grandmother both have/had arthritis in their hands so it is certainly not unexpected but my problem is that post-RNY, I can't take most anti-inflammatories to help.

I talked to my mom a bit and she suggested topical pain relief cream for some help. In looking at some ingredients, many of them also seem to contain NSAIDS.

What is your experience with topical pain cream? Is it important to stay away from NSAIDS that aren't ingested? What works for you and what doesn't?

I am hopeful that after the hours of yard work are done that I may get some relief but I suspect that this is just the beginning.

Also, do any hand exercises help?

Thanks for your thoughts!

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on 12/7/18 5:14 am - WI

NSAIDS are a systemic medicine. It does not matter whether you swallow them or rub them on your skin. Once they are absorbed they enter your blood stream and a side effect from them is to thin the lining of your stomach, which could cause serious issues in developing ulcers. If you develop an ulcer in your blind stomach it can be fatal. Stay away from all products with NSAIDS in them.

Arthritis is the hardest thing for me to get a handle on after WLS. I still have not found a product that works well. Tylenol does nothing.

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on 12/10/18 5:23 pm

I disagree with you.My doctor recommended topical cream for my leg cramps it does help me.I use to have severe leg cramps at night,ever since my M.D. suggested i buy over the counter topical cream i can sleep all night long.

Gloria in Denver,Co

on 12/11/18 9:25 am
RNY on 08/21/12

You don't say what the cream was. Was it an NSAID? If it was, your doctor was foolish for prescribing it. And you should not be taking it. The damage it can do is far more serious -- life threatening serious.

There are plenty of better ways to treat leg cramps than risking your life.

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on 12/11/18 4:08 pm

It is called Maximum Strength Aspercreme with Lidocaine oder free

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on 12/7/18 5:34 am - Burleson , TX

I use this. It is mostly menthol. I order it from Amazon. Great stuff! A little goes a long way (is quite "fragrant"!)

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on 12/7/18 7:10 am

Do you live in a state that has legal medical or recreational marijuana? If so, you could try CBD oil/cream/pill. CBD is the non-psychoactive (no high) form of marijuana. It helps my Dad's painful shoulder & hip arthritis.

on 12/7/18 7:58 am
RNY on 02/28/17

Yes, it is legal in MD. I've actually looked at it for DW's fibro pain.

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on 12/7/18 8:42 am
RNY on 11/21/14

I have arthritis in both hands, and I agree with you. Tylenol does nothing. I use a CBD salve on my hands during flare ups. It really helps. In order to minimize flare ups, I have found that really limiting simple carbs as much as possible helps. If I eat processed carbs, I really feel it in my hands.

I also try to limit any twisting motions. I use an opener to break the seal on air sealed jars, limit use of a can opener ( electric is a better option) and other available kitchen tools. If I am doing a lot of work with my hands ( e.g., gardening), I wear hand guards that fit over my thumbs and wrists.

I also have a wax bath machine ( like the ones they use for mani/pedis) that I use to ease pain. The moist heat works wonders.

I suggest visiting a hand specialist physical therapist. While they can't cure arthritis, they can teach you exercises, suggest tools, and give you other ideas to help reduce the pain without the use of NSAIDs.

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on 12/7/18 10:13 am

I also find my arthritis is worse when I eat simple carbs & processed food.