What's on your menu today (Monday) RNYers?

on 1/7/19 2:17 am - GTA, Ontario, Canada
RNY on 11/15/13

Happy Monday, its a full 5 day work week for me and I think it will fly by as it will be a busy one.

Did you all have a good weekend? Mine was great, busy but really good. We are getting snow here for the next three days, I love snow so I am excited.

Accountability: 100% on plan on the weekend, no off plan eating

QOTD: Lets talk Portion sizes. I know for a fact my eyes are bigger than my stomach. Pre surgery I was one of those people who had a HEAPING plate of spaghetti and easily went back for seconds or thirds and eating 4-6 slices of pizza at once was easy. I do use my food scale daily, I love that little sucker. Sometimes to this day 5 yrs post op I am amazed at what I think is 4oz of chicken versus how much it is when it gets on the scale. Its hard when I am at a persons house for a party or get together. I load up my plate with the protein first, then veggies. I again always over estimate because I can never finish the protein & veg. Its embarrassing because you then get the Hostess asking if you didn't like her food, meanwhile I am just a smaller portion eater. How do you find your portion sizes are, do you think you have put 4oz of meat on your plate and then when you measure it its either over or under?

5 yrs 2 mos post op RNY

B: 8-10 decaf coffee with RTD (ready to drink) Vanilla PP (Premier Protein) used as creamer then one can of solid white tuna with balsamic dressing

L: 5oz of rotisserie chicken + 1/2 cup peas

S: Activa yogurt + Special K protein granola

D: 3 slices of deli meant + 3 slices of swiss cheese + mustard

S: Activa yogurt + Special K protein granola

TOTALS: 983 cals, 138 protein. 69 carbs

V: patches are on (iron, Multi, vit D & Calcium) B12 orally

E: 10km hike in the snow with the dogs

Have a good day today everyone, depending on where you live, stay warm, stay dry, stay safe

Daisy 5'5" HW: 280 SW: 254 CW: 125 - 130

Nov 15, 2013 - RNY - Toronto Western Hospital

Nov 2, 2017 - Gallbladder removal & hernia repair

Answers to your problems are not at the bottom of a chip bag or in a box of Oreo's! You can do this!

on 1/7/19 2:35 am, edited 1/7/19 2:41 am - Central Coast, CA
RNY on 06/26/17

Buongiorno menu peeps!

I?m baaaaack and jet lagged, hence up at 2:20 am. Family visit was great, got to see everybody and celebrated Xmas and NY with lots of hugs. We also traveled some and DH got to see Pompei for the first time. It was fun seeing these places through his eyes again.

I stuck to my eating plan like it's nobody's business and stayed away from pasta and bread like the plague. Sweet stuff is another story. Not much but some. We walked on average 10-15 miles a day sightseeing. We shall see how I have done on the scale but I'm giving myself 2-3 days to get rid of the water retention during the flight back. We were delayed and changed planes so many times due to the weather in Europe and practically flew for about 48 hours. I had the same shoes on the whole time and by the time we landed in SF the shoes wouldn't fit. My ankle is still swollen, that's why I think I'm retaining water.

Funny story - bear with me, it's long!

We went for a 4 day trip to Napoli (DH had never been to Napoli - Pompei - Capri - Sorrento). There is a pizza place in Napoli that according to NYT is number 1 pizza in THE WORLD. They have a secret ingredient in their flour that makes the crust very light. It is said even when you eat the whole pizza you don?t feel bloated. The crust is very thin. It is still run by the original owner. They don?t take reservation and the wait on a typical Saturday is about 2 to 2.5 hours. We got in and I ordered a pizza with salsiccia (Italian sausage) and bell peppers and eggplants. I ate the top and left the crust. At first the waiter asked me if there was something wrong, to which I answered everything was delicious. He went back to the kitchen and came back with the chef/owner. My poor brother was hiding under the table he was so embarrassed. He kept saying I bring you to the best pizzeria in the world and you don't eat the crust. The chef's face when he saw my plate was comical. He asked me what was wrong with his crust. I kept saying it was great and I ate everything but he kept insisting to know what was wrong. I couldn't stop laughing but knew I couldn't explain to them my diet. I had to take a bite out of the crust to prove to chef that I appreciated his cooking. He went back to the kitchen shaking his head and mumbling something about "Americans"! His reasoning was that the topping can be found anywhere, but his crust was why ppl keep coming back to his place. And of course I offended them by eating only the topping and not the real thing. It was an NSV for me despite everyone's reaction.

QOTD: I HAVE to use my scale everyday because I don't trust my eyes. I guesstimate when out but I know I'm wrong because I'm constantly wrong at home.

B: protein coffee

Rest of the day TBD because there is nothing in the fridge. Gotta go grocery shopping.

I have tons of pics to share but here is one for today. In Florence on the ponte vecchio. All 4 of us together, finally.

SW:261 6/26/17 GW:150 10/6/18


on 1/7/19 3:07 am
RNY on 12/26/17

Sounds like you had a great trip and the poor pizza shop owner would probably never understand! Great picture.

You can't measure your achievements with someone else's yardstick!

Revision from lapband to RNY 12/26/17 with Dr. Caitlin Halbert

HW 260 SW 248 CW 162 GW 145

Gallbladder removed 9/18


on 1/7/19 3:52 am
RNY on 02/28/17

I'm so glad that you had a wonderful time but it's also great that you are back here! Thanks for sharing your experience!

HW: 248, SW (2/17): 244, GW (10/17): 125, CW: 117-122

RNY w/ Joseph Afram: 2/28/2017; Plastics w/ Douglas Forman: Extended mastopexy, Extended abdominoplasty-5/18/2018

on 1/7/19 3:54 am
RNY on 02/14/18

Welcome home! What a great picture of you and the family!

HW: 306 SW: 282 CW:144.8 GW: 145 (reached 2/6/19), next goal - 132.9


on 1/7/19 7:19 am
VSG on 11/19/14

Great pic and great memories, you are stronger than I as I would have had at least a bite!!!

HW - 299 , Consult day weight - 277, Day of surgery - 259,LW - 178, GW - 195, CW - 202.6 , 7.6 lbs to goal.

on 1/7/19 7:20 am - DC
RNY on 12/16/13

What a gorgeous family picture!!! Sounds like an awesome trip. That is a super funny story. I get weird looks sometimes when I leave the rice, but most restaurants here are surely used to the American "gluten-free" or "keto" people, I guess! I am impressed you had none of the crust, I am sure I would have had some! You stayed strong!

on 1/7/19 7:21 am
RNY on 08/11/14

Welcome back! Glad you had a great time! Love your pic.

RNY 8/11/14 with Dr. Kelvin Higa PS Lipectomy 4/12/17 with Dr. John Burnett HW 291.4/CW 137-140 (10/2018)GW 150

Amy Liz
on 1/7/19 8:26 am
RNY on 11/21/16

Welcome home! So proud you didn't eat the crust! I would not have passed that test!


SW 309 CW 177.7 LW 150 GW 160

on 1/7/19 11:08 am

Welcome home, Sheila! I'm so happy that you had a fantastic visit, and so happy that you're back in beautiful California and that you are back on OH! Your trip sounds like it was absolutely wonderful. How funny about the pizza crust! I'm sure it's extraordinary crust, but it's just not the right food for our clan! Hope your ankles soon return to normal - I'm sure they will. My ankles and feet once blew up on a short flight to New Orleans, and painfully stayed that way during the entire week I was there. It wasn't until I returned to Santa Barbara that they returned to normal!

You are simply gorgeous, and your handsome DH and amazing kids are too! Really just a beautiful family!

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