diagnostic laparoscopy and feeding tube

on 1/14/19 3:15 pm
VSG on 06/28/17

I had my scheduled appointment with my specialist with my program on Friday. He was concerned about some things he saw on the CT scan and scheduled a diagnostic laparoscopy and feeding tube placement. These procedures are tomorrow. I am very anxious based on things I have read but I am trying to just trust my surgeon. I remind myself I chose him because I trust his judgement should things go wrong and I still believe that. I will update post op when I am able to. I have searched the archives here on Obesity Help and not been able to find much similar to my situation so I am posting my experience should someone need a bit of feedback should they face something similar.

on 1/14/19 3:39 pm
RNY on 11/22/16

Yes, please keep us posted. I have followed your journey and struggles. Prayers that they find some answers tomorrow.

on 1/15/19 2:34 pm

The best of luck to you and I hope this will bring you answers. It sounds like your surgeon is thorough and committed to your welfare. Will think of you on Friday and send good wishes your way.

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