What is on your menu today (Photo Friday) RNYers?

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Hi everyone, happy Friday. I had a nasty migraine yesterday and I don't want to talk about it. Thank you Karen for starting the thread. What is everyone up to this weekend? We have no plans which is nice, I love no plans weekends!

Accountability: nope! I ate my way through my migraine, it was ugly friends, ugly!

QOTD: How honest are you with yourself with logging your food and weighing your food (If you log)? For me I am super brutal honest, I log EVERYTHING in MFP (MyFitnessPal) and weigh everything on my good old cheap food scale. There is no point of lying to myself or cheating myself in MFP because for me that's the road to going back to obesity. I lied to myself all the time pre surgery that I didn't eat as much as I did, or that I was eating "healthy" because I was eating salads & fruit. So what I do is log into MFP the night before what I plan to eat and then as the day goes on I adjust MFP if I eat something off plan. And I do include things like gum, tic tacs and a hard candy and "bite, licks or taste (BLT's)" because I just don't see the point of lying to myself, I know myself and if I start logging only the protein or a bit of the carbs I eat then I will be MO again before I know it.

TSS: 5 yrs + 2 mos

B: triple zero yogurt

L: 5oz of chicken with salad greens + balsamic dressing

S: Grande Vanilla latte made with almond milk and 1oz of raw almonds

D: Chicken tortilla soup (I baked a chicken breast, shredded it and have a store bought can of tortilla soup I will put all the chicken in)

S: triple zero yogurt

TOTALS: 999 calories, 111 protein, 66 carbs

V: PatchMD patches are on + oral B12

L: minimum of 150oz a day of liquids

E: hike the dogs in the snow for 5km

Have a wonderful restful fun weekend everyone!

Here is my photo Friday pic. I was in the grocery store last week, and I saw this cake (you all know I am cake obsessed). So its Chinese New Year and this year its the year of the PIG. I was born in 1971 and that is the year of the pig. So at the bakery counter they had this big Chinese New Year display of goodies and there was this "pig cake" it really made me laugh, a pig cake, really??? Too Funny.

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Happy Fri-YAY!

It has been a crazy week with two-hour delays and no school but today is a normal school day and I am almost disappointed! LOL We are supposed to get snow in a few hours and I wonder if they will dismiss early.

This weekend we are having a family dinner for my mom for her birthday. My family lives in NJ about an hour away so we will cook everything, pack it and head over the bridge to see them. I don't have a gift for her yet so I have to go shopping sometime. Hoping to find her a fresh Spring outfit because I am tired of this bitter cold.

QOTD: I use to track faithfully. I haven't tracked for a long time and I am sure that is why my weight fluctuates the way it does. I find I am busier now and probably just too lazy to take the time to track. This is a good reminder of why I need to track and will make it my goal soon.

Accountability: spot on

TSS: 1 year and 1-month weight is fluctuating: 161 this morning

B: PP chocolate shake and vitamins and maybe a yogurt

MS: hard boiled egg

L: Buddigs turkey, a few olives, blueberries and a cheese stick

AS: 2 mini peppers and 1 laughing cow cheese wedge

D: taco meat salad

My goal is 120+ ounces of water or hot tea (only got 80 in yesterday)

This picture is of the adult lunchable that I will eat from throughout the day.

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The adult lunchsble is awesome!!

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It's what happens when you need to grocery shop!

You can't measure your achievements with someone else's yardstick!

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HW 260 SW 248 CW 153 GW 145

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Do you like the Two Good yogurt? I've just started seeing it in stores around here.



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I love the just 2 yogurts!! They are tart and creamy. I enjoy that they only have 2-3 carbs in them.

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In all honesty I haven't tried it yet.

You can't measure your achievements with someone else's yardstick!

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HW 260 SW 248 CW 153 GW 145

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Adult lunchable

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I've been dealing with a new international researcher the last few days via WhatsApp. He's a friend of a cousin of a friend of mine who lives in Beirut (follow that?). The researcher lives in Turkey. We've been "talking" the last few days online - and I've been talking him through a lot of things like what he needed to do when he arrived in the US (I'm thinking he's never traveled outside of Turkey before - he was asking about what to do when he got to immigration, customs, what the I94 is and if he needed to do anything to get that, etc). The other night, after he landed at O'Hare, I was "talking" him through getting to the bus station and what bus to get on to get to Madison. I haven't met him in person yet (I volunteered to take him to a bank to set up an account, take him to the grocery store, etc), but he kept saying he knows a Turkish graduate student here (I'm thinking they might have only known each other through social media before since they're from the opposite sides of Turkey) and that this student would take him. Well around 4:00 am this morning, he contacted me on WhatsApp - he's very depressed and wants me to pick him up later this morning. So...looks like I'll be spending my day with him. That's fine - it's not like I had other plans (other than a non-credit class I wanted to go to this morning, but I'm fine with skipping it - this guy sounds desperate). I may end up doing a lot with him this weekend, too - but then, it's not like I have a ton of other things to do. He said at 4:00 am that he hadn't slept yet, though, so for all I know, he may crash by the time I'm ready to pick him up. But that's OK, too. We can catch up later this afternoon or evening if that's the case. Hopefully this is just a temporary adjustment thing. I'll hook him up with the Turkish student association on campus - a lot of local Turks (non-students) are active in that as well. He may just need some reminders from home. I know when I volunteered in a village in South Africa many years ago, I was grateful for this other volunteer there who was from New Zealand. Not home - but it was comforting to have someone around who was another native English speaker and shared a similar culture. It would have been much tougher without her.

Accountability was good yesterday. Has been for quite awhile.

QOTD: I still log everything. I weigh and measure everything that can be weighed and measured. I don't think I can ever stop doing that because my weight starts heading north fast if I stop paying attention for more than a couple of days. I don't always follow my plan - sometimes I have an unplanned snack or two and/or eat something else for dinner, but once I've hit my calorie limit for the day, I'm done - even if it's only 5:00 pm. My fault if I've eaten too much during the day to have an evening snack or whatever - it's hot tea all evening for me!

3 years 7 months out:

B: homemade Greek yogurt with some kind of fruit compote, coffee with half & half

MS: protein shake

L: I may take this guy to a Turkish restaurant. If so, then chicken kebobs. If I'm home, then probably cottage cheese

AS: light yogurt or baby carrots with 2 T hummus

D: 2 oz chicken breast on a Flat Out wrap with 2 T hummus

ES: same as AS

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You are very kind to help him!

HW: 306 SW: 282 CW:144.8 GW: 145 (reached 2/6/19), next goal - 132.9