Keto for Bariatrics - Who's Doing It?

Dyuanna P.
on 2/1/19 6:59 am - Bedford, OH

I'm 16 years post-op and had regained 100 of my 144 pound weight loss. I have been following Keto since 1/7/19 and have released -17.4 pounds. If there is anyone interested in joining me, or have experienced success with this plan, please let's discuss.

on 2/1/19 2:05 pm

I am following a LCHF diet, since 2015 with a 'timed meals' program added from Dec. 2018 to now. Losing 30 in 4 months in 2015, easily, was shocking, after 16 months of conventional USDA 'eat less move more' from a dietitian. ..and up and down 8 pounds.

Hooray for 17.4...nothing energizes us like 'immediate results'! You may fall under LIFO weight is my firm believe that "Last Gained First OUT" so knocking off that 100 may be easier by starting sooner. . Getting started now avoids the FISH "First in, Still Here" pounds.

What are you most interested in? Meal plans, eating Keto for BF and L but not dinner? Looking for a good site reference?

Not sure daily intermittent fasting or longer meal time spacing is possible for bariatric nutrition needs, i.e. you require protein first. and getting it all in 2-4 hour meal schedule may be pushing it.

Starting with Keto has already shown you respond to severe carb reduction. maybe a 8/16 daily meal timing could work..getting all nutrition needed in 8 hours, then no calories until next meal time (which can be noon to 8pm, or 5am to 3pm, etc. very flexible, and changeable as social needs require.

In all the medical reading/research I do many Keto'ers are bariatric patients, who have regained, or people who need to lose 100-200lbs, or for whom diabetes is killing them and immediate change is needed. Since bariatric diets are low carb already it seems like a great fit.

I believe Keto questions can be answered by anyone with enough experience & research under her belt , but I have not had bariatric* or any partway option (balloon, lapband etc)

My main goal is to lower BMI significantly, 'fix' insulin resistance, and do well enough to even get to having a very complex abdominal repair surgery...first.

I began with Keto but can't maintain even moderate protein in the form of 'meat' due to kidney issues. So no 70-90 gr of egg/casein/pea/other protein either. I do stay LC

Dyuanna P.
on 2/1/19 5:35 pm - Bedford, OH

Thank you so much for your response. You've given me much to think about. I am still new to this lifestyle but I am excited about the prospects.

on 2/3/19 6:02 pm - Beavercreek, OH

I'm almost 8 years out and have been following the Keto plan since last fall. I have lost an additional 15 lbs (8 was regain) It has really helped my RH and keeps my blood sugar much more stable.


Dyuanna P.
on 2/26/19 8:09 am - Bedford, OH

I'm doing relatively well on Keto. I've lost 27 pounds since 1/7. Thanks for your support and exchange.

Anita Jo
on 2/7/19 5:18 pm - Elmira, NY

i am 15 years post op rny. i been doing keto for over 2 years off and on and lost close to 40 pounds since doing keto. i do IF also.

on 2/25/19 12:47 pm, edited 2/25/19 4:49 am

Following here, as I approach 10 years out this summer! I'd love to be back at my target weight - the last 3 years saw me heading upward about 30 lbs. due to marriage stress, moving, caring for my elderly mom and ultimately her passing away.

But my 7/15 surgiversary is a great target date - 5 months, 30 lbs. seems very do-able with Keto! It doesn't seem that different from a lot of what we already know about good post op eating. Protein first, veggies, healthy fats. Berries are a "splurge" for me.

I'm also not quite "there" on IF, beyond later evening/sleeping hours/a short delay in the morning. Hunger IS an emergency for me - and when I eat a high protein diet, hunger can hit with a vengeance!

Hoping to see this thread keep going and wishing all of us success!

on 3/12/19 8:35 am

I would love to know more about what you are doing and eating. I too am struggling with about a 50 pound regain. I initially lost 100 pounds and kept it off until somethings changed in my life.