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My name is Jen and I had gastric bypass on January 22, 2019. At this point my recovery has been without complication. I am struggling a bit with constipation and low energy, but otherwise am feeling great. I was taken off my blood pressure medication at my one week post-op appointment and will likely not resume the Metformin I had been taking for polycystic ovarian syndrome. I began my journey at 5'2" and 195 with a BMI of just under 36. I was at 179 on the day of surgery and am now at 168. I began pureed foods today and so far, so good! Just wanted to say hello from Iowa and to give each and every one of you kudos for your strength and determination!

Blessings to all!

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Welcome to the board, Jen :)

feel free to check into the "What's on your menu" daily thread. Even though you're probably not eating much yet, it's a great place to see what we're all eating at different stages and more importantly, get to know people!

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Congratulations on your new, healthy life and welcome to OH.

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Welcome Jen from another Jen! You will find a lot of support and knowledge here, glad you found us!

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