Are there foods you can no longer (permanently) eat after surgery?

on 2/6/19 6:49 am

Even after recovery from surgery, are there any particular food items that absolutely cannot be eaten? For instance, can nuts still be eaten?

on 2/6/19 7:04 am

My btpass was in Sept 2015, I have have had no issues eating anykind of nut, unless you have like diverticulitis I dont think its a concern., if fact there was no mention of "no nuts" in the pre-op classes.


on 2/6/19 7:47 pm

Thanks so much!

on 2/6/19 7:05 am - Philadelphia, PA
RNY on 04/28/15

It really become a matter of individual preference/tolerance and 'all because you can, doesn't mean you should'

I can eat anything, sugar, nuts, meats etc. I do not eat Fried food because how it makes me feel. I avoid high carb foods- but am no stranger to a cookie :-) I do not drink calories in any form.

It really just depends

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on 2/6/19 7:48 pm

Thanks so much!

on 2/6/19 7:07 am
RNY on 02/15/18

As far as I know...nope. I can eat whatever I want. Will it be without consequence? Nope.

I get dumping syndrome, and its especially bad with ice cream to the point that I really have no desire for many sweets and the very thought of ice cream makes me nauseous. But I can still eat it if I really want to.

I avoid bread because not only does it fill me up with unnecessary calories with no nutritional value, but it makes me feel very bloated and gassy. But I can still eat it if I really want to.

Nuts are fine after you're cleared for them--I wasn't allowed until almost 3 months out. I don't eat many of them personally because they're high in calories, but many people add them in once they're in maintenance.

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on 2/6/19 7:50 pm

Thanks so much!

on 2/6/19 9:31 pm - AK
RNY on 02/11/13

Same for me on the ice cream! It was always my 'red-light' food because I loved to eat it by the half-gallon and had to stay away. Much easier now to avoid it as I too am a dumper. But, yep, I could eat it - but don't want to anymore.

Also with the bread and nuts, I love them and have no issues eating either of them. But way too high in calories for little protein. Not worth the eating anymore.

Mainly, my mind-set has changed so that food is of significantly less importance - taste, texture, temperature, whatever. It just doesn't mean that much anymore (and as a former foodie I thought that was the end-all, be-all of life, haha). :)


on 2/6/19 7:54 am - Lindsay, Canada
RNY on 02/26/18

Almost a year out and can pretty much eat anything, just some things don't agree with me very much, I can tolerate the odd cookie, or about 1/4 cup of ice cream if I really want it. I have nuts as a go to snack sometimes as they're high in protein. You just need to measure as they can add up quickly and like everything else chew well.

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on 2/6/19 7:51 pm

Thanks so much!