What' is on your menu today (Thursday) RNYers?

on 2/7/19 2:16 am - GTA, Ontario, Canada
RNY on 11/15/13

Hi friends! How are you all? Cold & snowing here. We got a crazy nasty ice storm yesterday. How are all my East coast and middle American friends holding up? I think you all get the same weather as me.

Its Junior Friday today - ya! I have had a really crappy week at work and I can't wait for the weekend!

Accountability: Great! I had such a busy day that all I ate at work was a yogurt at 1pm. Had dinner and went to bed

QOTD: What do you do with an annoying coworker, someone who rubs you the wrong way, that one person who goes out of their way to be nasty & mean? Do you avoid that person? Confront the person on their behaviour? Treat them passively aggressively? If you don't work do you have a friend or family member who is like this? What do you do? I am the "avoid" type person. It takes a lot for me to confront someone as I am naturally an introvert and don't want to deal with conflict. There is a person who's office is beside mine and she is a nightmare in every way, I avoid her at all costs. I am civil to her but try to avoid her as best I can.

TSS: 5 yrs + 3 mos

B: decaf coffee with coconut milk, triple zero yogurt

L: rotisserie chicken over salad greens and balsamic glaze

S: mini carrots & raw almonds

D: homemade chicken fajitas on a low carb wrap

S: triple zero yogurt

TOTALS: 986 calories, 115 protein, 62 carbs

V: PatchMD patches are on + Oral B12

E: if not raining when I get home will take the dogs out for a 5km hike

L: 150oz is my minimum, only made it to 100 oz yesterday

Have an awesome day friends!!

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on 2/7/19 4:09 am
RNY on 12/26/17

Hi All ~

The weather here is mild today - just damp. If it is not raining when I come home I will go out for another walk. The cold winter weather isn't supposed to return until tomorrow and there seems to be some kind of winter storm brewing for Monday and Tuesday of next week.

Accountability: I didn't make my goal. I snacked after 7 PM. I went out after work to pick up DH's Valentine's card and a small gift and didn't realize how long I was out. I was off schedule and put something in my mouth thinking it was earlier than it was. I had already chewed and swallowed when I noticed it was after 7. Oh well, today is another day and I will try harder. I also didn't make it to 100 ounces of water and I am disappointed with myself about that.

QOTD: I avoid the person. It's funny because most of the teachers in my building stay to themselves or to their grade level so I don't have much conflict with coworkers. I did get into it with my principal last week about the custodian not doing his job. I don't know why my principal constantly sticks up for the custodian who is a gigantic slacker but, he (the custodian) finally dusted but he is still a jerk and moves my stuff around on purpose. Seriously, he is an ass. I just ignore him and do my job.

TSS: 1 year and 1-month weight 163 pounds

M1: egg salad

M2: PP chocolate shake with my vitamins

M3: ground beef, tomatoes, garlic, onion and a sprinkle of cheese mixture

M4: 1/2 C. cottage cheese with peaches

M5: probably more of the ground beef mixture

120+ ounces of water or hot tea

exercise: walk after work

Happy Friday-Eve! Have a great one.

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on 2/7/19 4:38 am

hi all

good day for me- got some work things out of the way while multi tasking on phone calls. My last 'meal' last night was chicken soup with some added chicken so that was good with some almonds milk heated later.

I left yesterday in the rain to the gym. Did 30 min lifting then took a yoga class. it was restorative slw flow. really enjoyed it but a little sore today as I'm out of yoga shape lol. our local (closest) gym just started classes this week so i want to be as supportive as possible so they keep them.

QOTD: ignore

food for today:



prot pancakes with added fiber



crack chicken maybe

dinner is TBD- DH and I will probably go to dinner which we NEVER get to do anymore because of schedules

exercise: gym after dinner

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on 2/7/19 6:20 am
RNY on 02/14/18

I have a question on soup...do you drink the broth and then eat all the goodies? I would love to try a meaty soup but have been confused by the it's a liquid but it's not and how it fits into the wait 30 minutes before drinking thing. (I swear sometimes I feel I have this, and sometimes I feel like I'm a toddler learning how to use a fork).

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on 2/7/19 8:22 am - DC
RNY on 12/16/13

I normally do most of the liquid first, and then eat the chunks. I figure it's not deadly to have some of the liquid along with the chunks, but as I understand it, if you do chunks first followed by broth, the broth will potentially push the food through your system and you will be hungrier sooner. I don't have soup all the time, but when I do, I don't find myself being voraciously hungry very soon after.

It's totally a learning experience for life. I am five years out and still sometimes get foamies, eat something that normally agrees with me but suddenly doesn't (or vice versa)...

on 2/7/19 10:26 am
RNY on 06/03/15

yes - I eat the broth first and then the chunks. Like DCGirl said, it's probably not the end of the world to get the remaining broth that's mixed in with the chunks (since you'll never be able to get every last molecule of it before you start eating the chunks), but as long as you can get at whatever of the broth is pretty easily accessible before starting on the chunks, you should be OK.

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on 2/8/19 4:24 am

Agree on what DC says. though i don't always follow that rule.

HW 295 SW 278 Surgery weight 225 CW 160 GW 150 LW: 118.8 RNY 12/15/2015, GB removal 09/2016, Twisted bowel/hernia repair 08/2017

M1 Dec 2015-13.0, M2-7.0, M3-14.5, M4-9.4, M5-7.1, M6 9.8, M7-7.6 ,M8- 7.6, M-9 5.5, M10-6.4, M11- 2.2, M12 Dec 2016- 5.8

on 2/7/19 4:42 am
VSG on 11/19/14

Good morning Daisy and menu folks. We had the crazy ice last evening, went to visit my new baby niece and had to drive home in it, I have a Truck so no worries. Had to have the heat cranked though to keep the ice at bay.

Scope went well yesterday and I do not need to go back for 10 years. I am happy about that and was unhappy to get on scale and realize I had gained weight. Has to be from the IV and Golytel solution, my hands and feet were bloated.

QOTD - I turn up my smile and my kindness, very seldom will I let someone who bothers me have the satisfaction of knowing it.

B - Scrambled eggs

S - Ham roll up

L - Chicken salad

S - cukes and ranch

D - Chicken bacon ranch casserole

E - Gym Night

205.4 today - after a full day of fasting for my scope!!!! Boooo!!!

Stay Healthy my friends, Mike

HW - 299 , Consult day weight - 277, Day of surgery - 259,LW - 178, GW - 195, CW - 202.6 , 7.6 lbs to goal.

on 2/7/19 4:51 am
RNY on 02/28/17

Yeah, the realities of IV fluid weight! It should go away quickly though.

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on 2/7/19 7:51 am
RNY on 08/11/14

Glad all went well with the scope. I am sure the IV fluids will go away quickly and you'll see a difference on the scale.

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