What's on your menu (Photo Friday) RNYers?

on 2/8/19 2:04 pm - Middletown, CT
VSG on 09/28/16

You go Kelly!!!!

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on 2/8/19 7:49 am
RNY on 11/21/16

Good morning everyone~ TGIF!! Weekend plans are to pack and clean, period! Oh and take my cat to the vet for his shots. I'm taking Monday off and Tuesday s a holiday so 4 long days to get 'er all done! Then we move next weekend. Can't wait to have this over with and get settled once again. I hate moving.

QOTD - I don't believe I suffer from SAD, but my mom did. When I was SMO, I preferred endless cold, overcast, rainy days. In fact I planned on moving to the PNW at some point. Now, I don't think I could do it. I complain of the cold here in CA! And the endless rainy dark days of late are killing me, I miss the sun. I think I enjoy the sun/summer more now that it's not so hot and miserable due to my weight. Huh, whoda thunk it?

Accountability - I usually get in about 150+/- ounces but yesterday was crazy and I only made it to about 80 so I will focus on that today. Also switched out my pork chop for eggs last night. My mouth was sore and still is, ugh!

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b- coffee x3, L&F Greek yogurt

l- cottage cheese, cucumber w/tajin seasoning

d-cheese omelette w/ salsa

es - L&F Greek yogurt half frozen

v/l on track

Have a wonderful day!

on 2/8/19 8:18 am
RNY on 08/11/14

Good luck packing.

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on 2/8/19 8:39 am
RNY on 11/21/16

Thank you, it can't be over soon enough for me!~

Julia S.
on 2/8/19 8:11 am - Beaverton, OR
RNY on 02/12/18

QOTD- YES! I live in the PNW and the gray and clouds drive me crazy, they really shouldn't as I'm a 3rd generation Oregonian but I get so depressed in the winters. I've tried the light and it does help, and I also tan, even though I know it isn't good for my skin. But while I'm laying their in the warmth I pretend I'm really in Maui. It doesn't always work but I try.

Snowpocolypse is postponed until tonight, now saying 6+ inches down to the valley floor and that it will stick around for the next week. So I need to get yogurt today, but I will be able to see my counselor. I'm also going to verify if the EGD will be done if it snows.

Working from home today, so much lower stress. Lots of projects to work on, but no inclination. If it does snow I will also work from home on Monday, so I should be good.

Have a great Friday everyone!

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on 2/8/19 8:51 am
VSG on 08/11/14

Good morning,

Im glad it's almost the weekend. Wednesday was a bad day at work, I dropped a baby on the Matt due to my foot getting caught in the bouncer when I was moving him. Had a rough night since I kept replaying it over and over in my mind. I know it was an accident but I was worried I hurt him since he was so young. My boss said yesterday morning, that the parents said he slept good and acting good and it was an accident. Yesterday I was very careful around the babies and especially around the bouncer seats. They called me in early yesterday to work, that's why I didn't get on here.

This weather is sure crazy. Freezing rain Wednesday night and it rain yesterday then we had a sudden freeze drop with 50 mph winds and it snowed. A lot of people without electricity in my state. 170 schools closed today. I think in the last two weeks, they had school one or two days this week. It's snowing now again.

Tonight I'll go to support group if the roads aren't bad, tomorrow I have CPR and first aid training at work for four hours. Might go out with a friend for a drink afterwards. Depends on the weather. If the roads are okay on Sunday, I'll go see my dad in the afternoon. Have church in the morning. I need to find sleep this weekend since I have to be up early three days in a row next week.

i did good last night on my eating but was off the rails Wednesday night.

Qotd yes I suffer from SAD but it hasn't been so bad this year since I got my therapy light to use on those gloomy days and not messing with my antidepressants since summer time.

B ham and cheese omelette and string cheese

L tuna and cottage cheese

D keto lasagna

Have a good day.

picture of Misty this morning while I have my coffee at the dining room table.

on 2/8/19 9:42 am - Brighton, IL

What a pretty kitty!



on 2/8/19 11:01 am

Misty is a sweet little girl!

on 2/8/19 12:45 pm
RNY on 02/14/18

I'm glad the baby was fine and everyone knows accidents can happen. It's scary when it does. Have a good weekend!

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on 2/8/19 11:20 am, edited 2/8/19 3:43 am

Hello my Menu pals! Happy Friday!

it's 11 in the morning and I'm on my 6th cup of tea. it's snowing heavily outside. The forecast here on the island is for snow off and on all week, then rain next weekend. What a mess to move in! But it's very beautiful, angelic really, coming down. I will see if I can brave a trip into town later on - I have things arriving at the post office and three important shipments to make. But in between here and there is a long, steep, never-plowed hill which ends in a busy intersection, and it's already icy, so I'm not sure if I'll make it - I'll have to see how things are later on. I can't leave yet as I have some work calls first, plus I'm sill making some of what needs to be shipped. I wouldn't worry if I didn't have to make it down (and then back up) that hill.

QOTD: It's never been an issue before, but I really disliked December here. The sky was non-stop battleship grey until Christmas, and the wet dark gloom was depressing. I like winter (not non-stop winter though), but that unrelenting darkness bothered me. It's been brighter this month, which I much prefer. I will get one of those lamps and see how I do with it.

Here is a self portrait I did a few years ago when I was first learning to use Adobe Illustrator. Mostly I paint old-school but I also love painting in Photoshop and Illustrator - also I really like scanning paintings and then adding to them in various ways via these programs.

First: tons of tea!

B: roast turkey

L: tuna

D: probably eggs with ham, chives, and a little cheese

Enjoy your Friday, my friends!