MUCH Better!

on 2/10/19 12:58 pm - NC

After a very stressful 2018 (and the accompanying "stress eating"), have gotten things together and back on track. Currently 177 pounds - well below my original target of 200 but hey, I can live with that! With my wife's help, have ceased the stress eating, documenting everything I eat and drink in a diary, have become quite rigid in personal habits (bedtime, waking, avoiding buffets/temptation, etc.) And the excess weight slowly withered away, putting me back where I felt at my best. Am now working with my middle son (328 pounds) and getting him interested in SOME kind of weight reduction program before (a) he needs surgical intervention or (b) the co-morbidities kill him. He started a gym membership (unsure of how that is going) and mentioned to him he SERIOUSLY needed to speak with a nutritionist to find a program that might help HIS eating habits.

Kathy S.
on 2/11/19 10:22 am - InTheBurbs, XX
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Good to hear from you! Thank you for the update and kudos to you wanting to inspire and help others starting with your family

We hope you stay around and pay it forward....

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