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hey everyone!
I am late posting today but I've been MIA for the past week since we were on vacation, and then trying to catch up all day yesterday left no time for me to do much of anything else...

our trip to Az was amazing, weather was perfect the whole time, even got up over 80 degrees a couple days so we could go swimming...we went to the aquarium and butterfly sanctuary which was SO COOL, and the zoo, and we made a day trip to Sedona and took a nice little hike (a simple one since we had my mom with us and Story)...it was a fantastic, relaxing trip...but when we got home Saturday evening we found that our basement was a giant puddle.
We are not in a flood zone and never had any issues with flooding but we discovered (after vaccuuming up about 60 gallons of water) that our water heater was leaking...to say the least, it was a stressful night, up late, exhausted from travelling, trying to salvage what we could...luckily most of our storage is in plastic bins or on shelves so it was saved...I had a couple of old art porfolios that got damaged and I am a little heartbroken since they were from when I was in school and a lot of it had great sentimental value, but I am a pack rat, so it did force me to throw away a lot of old stuff.

thankfully the water heater was under manufacturer warranty still, but we still have to pay over $800 for installation/delivery and permit...We are planning to do our taxes next weekend so I am praying we are not going to owe money there and desperately hoping we can get something back to help us cover this expense.

QOTD: my surgery center has a lot of resources for pre and post-op patients but it's really up to the patient to utilize them. I like that they basically have everything lined up for you in a pre-op packet before you can be approved- referrals to cardio/pulmonary/sleep lab/Nutritionist, and classes that are required beforehand with checklists!...and they have a psychologist on staff at the clinic also, who does the pre-op evals and sees patients post op as well if they desire. he also runs the monthly support group meetings and facilitates the pre-op counseling seminars. They also do yearly labs and follow-ups for life on all of their patients. most of the surgeons also perform basic skin removal surgeries post op and other GI procedures as well.
I am definitely happy with them.

B: coffee w/ 1/3 caramel PP, 1/4C cottage cheese w/2 HB eggs mashed up w/EBB seasoning
L: turkey sausage & spaghetti squash w/parmesan
AS: greek L&F yogurt
D: shrimp & stir fry veggies w/miracle noodles
ES: pretzels & yogurt

have a great day peeps!


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Oh Amber! I am so sorry your trip ended with returning home to a flooded basement. That SUCKS. I am glad you had an awesome vacation though and I KNOW that sun felt great, after a Chicago winter! I will be crossing my fingers that you (unlike me) get some tax money back.

And now I am thinking that maybe we should invest in some plastic bins for the basement storage room...

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RNY on 08/11/14

Welcome back!!

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Oh, coming home to that kind of chaos (and expense) makes the vacation feeling go away fast. Hope your week gets better!

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Good to have you back!

So sorry about the water heater. Nothing worse than coming home exhausted and then have to deal with that.

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Julia S.
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RNY on 02/12/18

I've been MIA again, yesterday was another EGD but the results were good. The ulcer is completely gone!

Today was the breast surgeon, and she has no answers. Next step is an MRI, and depending on the results, if she sees anything in both breasts she is recommending a double mastectomy because of my previous cancer. Not at all what I wanted to hear. She is also referring me to a plastic surgeon. I was not aware that the state of Oregon passed legislation requiring insurance companies to cover plastic surgery after breast cancer, even if it is just for symmetry. So I will have to hold on for awhile longer to find out how much of my breasts I will lose.

Accountability not good, those Reese's eggs found there way into my home. So I managed to eat all but one this last week. I'm not going to buy any more of them, or so I say now.

I'm holding on by a thread and need to find some fun in my life right now. My job is still horribly stressful and I've been procrastinating quite well, putting off things I'm not thrilled about doing. But with all of the other stress it is really hard to focus.

QOTD- The program I went through is lacking a lot of things. I only met with the NUT once and didn't really learn anything from her. There is a support group run by the other WLS program in the hospital and I've managed to go a few times. The NP is great and I've had the most interactions with her.

Have a great day everyone!

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RNY on 08/11/14

Glad to hear that the ulcer is gone but it's scary to think of the options regarding a mastectomy-continued thoughts being sent your way.

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Hang in there Julia! It's got to be hard dealing with everything right now; do what you can and be kind to yourself where you need to.

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Hurray for the vanishing ulcer!

Positive thoughts coming your way for the MRI results.

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VSG on 09/28/16

Hi everyone,

QOTD: I like my center a lot! Pre surgery and post have been really good. The only thing I don't like is that they want us eating more carbs than I'm comfortable with.

Accountability: On plan.

B: 2 eggs, 1/2 slice of cheese, 1/2 serving turkey breakfast sausage, 1/2 orange

L: 3 oz turkey breast

S: 2 oz turkey breast

D: 4 1/2oz braised lamb shank, 1/2C broccoli rabe

S: ostrim meat stick

Cals:812, Carbs:14, Protein: 101

Enjoy the rest of your evening everybody!

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