Just had my gastric bypass surgery

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RNY on 03/12/19

I have just had my surgery today and right now I am just thinking oh my god what have I done to myself. I am hurting and scared and regretting my decision. I know this will get better with time, I have been looking at before and after pics on line and that helps. I want to have those results and get my life back. I am disabled and let myself go and need the help getting my weight under control and try to have a higher quality of life.

I was wondering if those who have had gastric bypass surgery could tell me about there recovery time and what the first 8 weeks after surgery. Thank you in advance

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I can imagine how you feel, you will feel better. It might help to think that you had surgery to improve your health. I'm new here. I face a depression after surgery, but now I can see some lights. Your journey may be simpler than mine. Almost all people feel regret in the first few days and then have a good time. You have a beautiful life ahead of you. So take care of your mental health and your little bag. God bless you.

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RNY on 03/12/19

Thank you for sharing what you have went through.

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RNY on 06/03/15

"buyer's remorse" is fairly common in the early weeks after surgery - I had it. But I got over it pretty quickly once the weight started dropping and I felt better and better. I eventually came to realize that this was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I'd do it again in a heartbeat!

the first few weeks can be tough - I felt tired a lot and there were a few days early on when I didn't feel that great. There are also a lot of food restrictions and some things just don't sit that well. But like buyer's remorse, that will eventually end as well. I can eat pretty much anything now (only much smaller quantities), I feel great, and I'm SO GLAD I had surgery! I wouldn't trade this for the world!!

so...hang in there - things will get better!!

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RNY on 03/12/19

Thank you so much I will try to keep what you said in the for front of my mind when I am feeling like I lost my mi d for doing this

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VSG on 02/13/19

The Day after my VSG surgery I said "I wish i didnt get this surgery" to my brother. It was from the frustration of not being able to sit myself up in my hospital bed. After Laying in the same position for about an hour and I was too shy to use the call the button for help. The pain I felt was unlike anything I had felt in my life...None of the shows on TV show this side of weight loss surgery and not many people talk about it. But Once they gave me some more Morphine I was fine and I never had "buyers remorse" again. My advice is don't be shy about asking for help and using that call button and walk as much as you can because it does help to get all that gas out of you.



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RNY on 02/14/18

My biggest issue the first 8 weeks was just being more tired than I expected. I didn't have a lot of pain after the first couple days and just made sure to rest when I was tired. Your mantra for the first few days should be sip sip sip (stay hydrated) and walk walk walk (get the surgery gas out and also avoid blood clots). Hang in there, this will be in your rear view before you know it!

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I was gonna post exactly what partlypollyanna said so I won't repeat it. Just listen to her!

sip sip sip, walk walk walk.

You have made the best decision for your health. Good luck!

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Every step is a step at a time. Do what is best for YOU - rest and recovery gently. Stay hydrated. Get protein in a sip at a time. We understand!

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RNY on 01/23/19

I am 7 weeks out from my surgery and I also regretted the surgery at first because I had so much pain and could not keep food down. I also thought what have I done to myself? But like others have said it does get better. I know people kept telling me that, but I was like when??? Because it seemed like I was going to feel this way forever. But I feel great now and no longer regret the surgery! My blood pressure is already back to normal after being extremely high pre surgery and I've lost some weight and already have an easier time moving around. So hang in there! It's well worth it I promise!!

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