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My story

Had RNY 2016 no complications, easy recovey lost all excess weight with in a year, went from 265 to 130/135.

2017 July got some weird pain first in my stomach than pain moved to my back and left side ribe cage suffered for 3 days finally went ER, they done all testing- internal hernia - emergency surgery.It was done laparoscopic 2 days in hospital I was feeling fine no problems went with my life.

2018 June the and of it I'm in the kitchen preparing dinner again weird pain in my stomach moving to my back and left side.It wasn't painfull so I went to work next day and after that to ER - results again internal hernia emergency surgery 2 days in hospital back to old myself no problem.

2019 Feb again weird pain that started in the evening but I have slept through the night went to work and after that to ER. Half an hour in ER I started having really bad pain to the point that I was asking nurses to help me they took me in, done blood work CT scan put me in the room, 10 min later there is like 6 people in my room undressing me puting IV, tubes doctor come and said it doesn't look good they will cut me open, if you need to make calls doit now ( I was alone my husband was at work).

2 days in ICU 2 surgeries ( first they untwisted my intestines second surgery to check if everything is ok if they are working if not they will cut them plus they will have to do reversion of my RNY-lucky form me everything was fine).

Spent 5 days in hospital now recovering at home and Im lost. Why this is happening to me 3 times Year after year. With first 3 surgeries no problems, but this one.... I have lost way to much weight I have no appetite eating hurts more than stitches at least no nausea and throwing up.

My question to you guys is Did this happened to anybody? Like my last surgery? What to eat Im on liquid/ soft food, How to deal with it? Any advice will be appreciated

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I am so sorry for all you are going through.... I didn't have any of your issues so I can't advise but hope you find some answers soon.

If you want to post under your old account, reach out to me and I can help you logged in.

Please take care of yourself.



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i have had the one hernia surgery along with twisted bowel at the same time. It was terrible pain.

I'm not sure why you keep getting them. I would ask to see a specialist asap and see if you can figure out root cause.

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I have no answer for you either but do you work doing a strenuous job with lots of lifting and bending? Do you wear an abdominal binder?

I had hernia surgery myself(February 8th) going through recovery now.

I'm sorry your having these problems hopefully you can find a surgeon who specializes in these types of issues.

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I can't help you, but we are here for support. God bless you.

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It does sound like a nightmare, I am sorry you are going through this. Try to keep your calories up the best you can and get lots of protein. More than you think you need. It helps with healing.

I was thinking the same thing as another poster- do you work doing a lot of lifting? Weightlifting at gym?

I have heard we are prone to the twisted intestine and hernias because of our former obesity and then weight loss. Abdominal lining is stretched thinner- so we are prone to hernias, and there is literally more room in there- things are not as tight in a sense, so room for intestine to move.

I would definitely consider wearing a binder or Spanx. After my skin removal I moved from the industrial compression the surgeon gave me to Spanx. He just said get one that goes mid thigh to your bra line. I wonder if having skin removal with muscle tightening would help by taking away excess and making things tighter.

Good Luck

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on 3/17/19 8:30 am

Thank you all for the input. I do wear binder since day one of my surgery. I do have an active job but I don't lift that much I would say is average and I don't lift at gym I do run a lot with good weather 5 k every day.

About plastic surgery I will ask my doctor on my follow up app if that would help. I don't have a lot of access skin I can wear 2 pice swimsuits ? just the lower part needs to be higher?.

They told me that I didn't develop too much scar tissue and with this surgery they are more optimistic, but there is no warranties.